Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 48

Everyday Ruralty

Hello, friends. Welcome to the porch. It's hard to believe that it's this late in June already. There is a buzz about upcoming July 4th activities. Already? Mark Twain once said, "Time and tide wait for no man." I guess that just shows that we cannot control everything. Did someone mention July?

After I bring out iced coffee and black cherry iced tea, we can start chatting. Did anyone bring a carrot for Wendell today? He's mighty hungry! Here are the questions.

  1. What's your favorite day of the week? Why?
  2. Do you have a blog? Please tell us the name of it and how long you've had it.
  3. What's the last book you read? If you're not a reader, please tell us about the last movie you saw.
  4. Do you ever doodle with a pen or pencil while something else is going on?
  5. Tell me about your bathroom towels. What color are they? Do they all match? 
My answers:
  1. For whatever reason, I like Thursday. It's much more relaxed than the beginning of the week, and seldom as busy as the weekend.
  2. Yes. This is it,Baby! Two years for Everyday Ruralty:)
  3. I just read A Year at Ladybug Farm and At Home on Ladybug Farm. I read them each in less than two days. I could barely put them down. Book three just came in from the library. To heck with laundry! I'm hooked. The author, Donna Ball, writes about three friends( women in their fifties) who go together to buy a 100 year old farm and farmhouse. It is a delightful story with rich characters. She writes much the same as the wonderful Jan Karon. When I finish the third in her series, I hope I can steal time to read another one of her books. It awaits on the coffee table!
  4. I used to doodle non-stop in school. It drove the teachers crazy, but they all (or at least most) admitted that it was very artistic and entertaining. Now stop that, Patrice. Pay attention! I only find myself doodling now if I'm incredibly bored- like when I'm on hold during a phone call.
  5. My bathroom towels are horrible. We have a huge modgepodge of different towels, mostly white, blue and green solids. A friend moved and her three sets, which were almost new, made their way to my linen closet. There were already a mess of different towels there.. Two years ago I splurged and bought eight large, fluffy, white towels. They have had so much use in just that time, but they still look better than all the others. I remember hearing that a local church group had a big "shower" for a local mom who had her 8th baby. They said no baby things as gifts, since she had so many things to use from her last child. Instead, they bought her all new towels, sheets. cookware, and a good quality pair of running shoes (we shall not speculate whether she was to run after her children, from her children, or from her hubby during rut season). Nonetheless, I think the idea was so generous and very considerate. I hear she was thrilled with all the new things that the family could not afford. I think we could all use one of those showers.:)
Have a great rest of the week!


  1. Hi Patrice, I loved hearing about these books and plan on checking with our library tomorrow to see if they have them. You are always such a breath of fresh air; love visiting here.
    Hugs, Noreen

  2. If she writes like Jan Karon, I will be tracking her down. I am so excited. I didn't know you were a Mitford fan? I am a huge fan of Mitford, just so you know, tomorrow is Father Tim's birthday. :)
    I love these questions this week. Not to mention the drinks on the porch, I will be right over. :)

  3. I love Fridays and have started reading the Flavia de Luce series of books by Alan Bradley. A bit addictive and wonderfully written.

  4. Wow, you and I began blogging the same year! Isn't that interesting? I know I've been playing along in your memes for just about the entire length of my blogging life. I certainly appreciate you being such a faithful hostess and your side-kick, Wendell. How funny, I just noticed someone stopped by your place from Bluefield, WV. My family lives just outside of Bluefield. Oh well, it's off to visit the others this morning!

    Tuesday & Wednesday Blog Hop Mash!

  5. I have carrots for the WenMan! And they're organic!!! I've got to read those books! As soon as I finish the Myron Bolitar series, I'm on it!

  6. Some great questions again this week. Love having new thoughts every week to blog about.

  7. Hi Patrice, I love Chats of the Farmhouse Porch. It's so much fun reading everyone's answers and leaving comments. Thanks for hosting and tell Wendell I'll bring him a carrot if I'm ever in your neck of the woods. {{hugs}}

  8. Hi Patrice

    I'm taking a couple of weeks off since I'm travelling in Newfoundland. I doodle all the time. Usually triangles or houses. And I love Saturdays. The big edition of the newspaper and the color funny papers. Silly but \i really look forward to that. Wish I could have some of that black cherry tea...sounds wonderful.

  9. Patrice, I think I can safely say this is my latest contribution to date! We'll probably be meeting up tomorrow again, and this time I'm gonna be ON TIME!!


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