Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 47

Everyday Ruralty

Welcome to my porch. The back porch is being ripped up as I type this. The builders are installing, much needed and long overdue, new windows and door. We're actually finishing the area off to be a scullery kitchen. The term scullery kitchen means an overflow kitchen. I've seen this done in several ways. Some homes have a place with counters and sink space. There can also be some storage, and even an adjacent area for laundry. Mine will be kind of a summer kitchen. There will be a set of three stainless sinks and an extra range. This tells me that I can not only do my canning there, without heating up the house or bringing lots of soil from the garden inside, but I can have the use of a second oven for holidays and entertaining. We hadn't really planned on this at first, but we ended up with a second range. We went from an old almond colored 70's stove with duct tape holding the door on, to having two stainless ranges. It may seem a bit excessive, but cooking and anything related is my true weakness! The builders are also renovating  the bathroom/laundry area at the end of the porch, so muddy farmers can enter the house clean! Yippee!!!

Wendell told me to send everyone horse kisses. He's having the time of his life hanging with Rocky and Ricky. I'm just happy that he's well. We placed three sheep in a front pasture. The two ewes are Heidi and Hilde. The ram is Rammy, but I call him Harry. He has a few tufts of wool on his backside that stick straight out. Think punk rock sheep minus any rainbow colors. D2's pony, Cocoa, has been recovering from an illness for an extended time. A few weeks ago, we let him into the pasture with the sheep. He's the happiest pony on the planet! They love him. They think he's their "fearless leader". He runs. They run. He eats. They eat. He naps. They nap. He grazes. They graze. He chases them. They run. All's well in the life of the 11 hand pony who thinks he's bigger than Wendell.
Wendell, Rocky, and Ricky (behind Rocky)

Hilde, Harry, and Heidi
Hilde and Cocoa

I appreciate every person who linked to Chats last week. I read all the answers, but comments had a hiccup and I was unable to answer until today. Dilemma- comment to everyone or write the new Chats, since I will not be able to write it tomorrow. Hmm. Please forgive my lack of comment, but I wanted to get this week posted so we could chat. If we were all here together, I'd be serving some iced tea from tea leaves that D1 found at a little tea shop in the city, where we do our farmers' market. The tea is Raspberry Champagne. I'm not sure how you make champagne tea, but it is wonderful. I can't wait to go to the shop with her one day. They have hundreds of flavors and lots of pretty pots, cups, and accessories.
  1. Do you ever go on picnics? When was the last one? Do you go somewhere with benches and tables, or do you take your own blanket?
  2. What's your favorite tropical fruit?
  3. Wendell would like me to ask you if you've ever ridden a horse? Any pony rides as a child?
  4. Describe the purse you are currently carrying. If you don't use a purse, what color is your wallet?
  5. Please tell me the last funny thing that you just recently remembered. This can be something funny that happened to you in the past, or just something funny that you remember.
My answers:
  1. I used to when the girls were very small. It was a big event for them- such fun!!! I haven't been on one in a few years. We would even have picnics on the living room floor in the winter. They LOVED it. Me too!
  2. I would crawl across gravel for champagne (Ataulfo) mangos! Well, scratch the gravel, but you get the point.:)                                                                                  
  3. Yes! It all started at age three. Both of my parents rode, so I thought everyone did.
  4. I have a large bag that is made of toile fabric. It's a blue print on a white background. The bag is getting kind of old, but I can carry SO much in it and it has lots of zipper pockets that make me feel like things are safer. Safer, meaning things will stay put when I inevitably turn the thing over in my truck.
Toile Bag

I think this woman on the swing is cute.
These are Champagne Mangos, but I could not get them under the right question. So, after
repeated tries, I just placed the photo here. Don't you just love trying to add photos some days!

5.At lunch today, I recalled selling a house years ago. The real estate agent asked if she could show it one morning while I was at work. She knew I had a big dog, but I forgot to tell her that my coal black Great Dane, Jessie, liked to sleep in the bathtub with all four feet in the air. Apparently, she took a group of other agents from her office to tour the house. When one of them opened the bathroom door, a group of the ladies screamed and ran out of the house, yelling that there was something dead in the bathtub. There was only a Jessie dog, peacefully sleeping- at least until they started screaming!



  1. My grandmother had what she called a butler's pantry. It was between the kitchen and the dining area of the house. The house didn't have a dining room, having a 'great room' before they were greatly popular! The pantry had an extra stove and sink. It had cabinets on every possible wall. The upper cabinets had glass doors, I guess so you could display fine china. It seemed so grand for my Grandmother's tiny house! In the spring the pantry was used for her bottle fed lambs!
    I enjoyed seeing all of the critters. Cocoa is looking fabulously fit!
    I'll be linking to the chat later today - after I've had time to think about when I last picnicked... or when I remember something funny!

  2. Oh that is so funny, I could just see that dog in the bathtub. What a great story.
    I am so excited about your porch. It sounds wonderful. Pictures??? When it is finished.
    I will be linking later today. Have a great day.

  3. I can just imagine the dog in the bathtub! Bet those ladies never forget that.

  4. congrats on your 2nd kitchen! that will be really nice for you!

  5. Love the great dane story yum mangos thanks for hosting so much fun on the porch! :}

  6. Scullery Kitchen!! How wonderful to have one, the idea of a second oven is awesome. Tell Wendell he so purty...I'm sending lots of horses kisses his way! {{hugs}} and Blessings!

  7. Funny! It's always such a good time here. I love the photos, too. How cute! I love critters!
    I am so glad you & Wendell are back on track!

  8. Oh, that dog story is a good one! I'm sure I would have screamed, too.

    Champagne mangoes sound pretty yummy to a mango fan like myself. I've never seen them.

  9. Love the horses life.
    Love the bag.
    Great post, especially about Jessie...love that story!

  10. I'm still laughing at the dog sleeping in the tub---until I think about your renovations, then I'm just flat out green with jealousy! Lucky girl! I'm so glad that the WenMan is feeling so spry! That's funny about Harry. Our neighbors took in her grandmother's dog, Poochy, when her grandmother passed. I call that dog Harry all the time! Now the husband is calling him Harry too! LOL


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