Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wet Sheep, Crying Patrice, and a New Friend

Hello, friends. We woke  up to rain this morning. It's much needed so that we don't go into our growing season with a deficit. We've had far more drought years than I wish to remember. For those of you who don't farm, you might know that it's dry some years and see that your grass is brown, not green, during the summer months. When you farm, a drought can be quite costly. If your grass is brown, so are our hay fields. That means that hay must be purchased for the animals. The folks that grow it know that they can get a premium price. Ouch! As vegetable growers, it affects that as well. Rain is welcome here.

When C.S.Farmer woke me up this morning, he wanted to show me what our sheep were doing. They were hiding from the rain under our fig tree. This picture makes me think of the ostrich who only sticks his head in the sand to hide. If I can't see you, you can't see me!

After laughing at the sheep I headed upstairs, passing a window. As I looked out, my heart sank. I immediately called to hubby. "The rabbit cage is opened!" He ran out and found D3's small Lion Head bunny, Smokey, gone. I went out to help him search and cried the entire time. D3 is my animal whisperer. She's kind and loving to animals. Smokey is her baby. I knew she'd be broken hearted. So I searched and prayed. After a while we couldn't find her. C.S. Farmer needed to tell me that he'd seen a fox about two hours earlier when he'd heard the chicken alarms go off. Bock-bock-bock! My heart sank. I went in the house and woke up the three bigger girls. They immediately helped me search. As shrubs, overgrown grass (our lawn mower has been broken), and spaces under the house and buildings were being searched, D1 shouted that she'd found Smokey. I was happy, yet hesitant. Found her in what condition? D3 recovered the scared, wet rabbit. Thankfully, she was unharmed. She enjoyed the warm towel and the extra attention.

I want to introduce you to a new doggie friend. This American Eskimo pup belongs to D4's music teacher. I couldn't resist taking pictures of her sweet face.

So Cute!

Happy Birthday to my precious friend, Kim, at My Field of Dreams! I count you as one of my blessings in life. Have a
wonderful year. God Bless you and your family!


  1. Those sheep are too funny, all hiding under the bush. Cute pup! Glad you found the bunny.

  2. Yay for the rain and for finding Smokey! I, too, would've been scared and crying.

    The sheep are too funny and the dog is gorgeous!

  3. Well gee, here I was thinking I was going to be reading about a new friend. :) I really like the puppy, that face is so cute.
    Oh I can't tell you how happy I am you found that bunny. I was just terrified that the store was going to end badly. So glad it had a happy ending.
    I love the picture of your sheep. Silly sheep. Maybe they just wanted to be close to the fence.
    Well, thank you so much for your very sweet words, I am so blessed. I will be linking up soon. :)
    Thank you again,

  4. glad you found the bunny! whew!

  5. My heart sunk when you started talking about the missing bunny. I am so, so, so very glad you found her. She's a lucky bunny, for sure!
    The sheep are cute!

  6. The picture of the sheep is so precious. Sooooo happy you found the bunny. I was holding my breath to read the outcome. Glad it was a good k one.

    Love the puppy!!!

  7. So glad you found the bunny-oh my I was so worried about how your kiddos would react if it didn't turn out well.
    Cute puppy. Have a great day.

  8. Funny sheep!
    Lucky rabbit!
    Such a cute puppy!

  9. I'm so glad that the bunny was found. Maybe the tall grass was a blessing where she could hide. The puppy is cute. The sheep are playing ring around the fig tree. Al's well that ends well. You got some rain and that's a blessing too. Hugs. JB

  10. The Pic of the sheep made me laugh!!!

    Oh I was sweatin' bullets there for awhile, I'm just thrilled ya found bunny!!! Safe and sound...boy,that could'a gone wrong!

    God bless ya sweetie and have a super great day!!! :o)

  11. What a relief you found Smokey :o) The sheep are hillarious! Cute puppy.
    Rose H

  12. What a sweet post... and I absolutely am gaga over your sheep.... I love them..... thanks for you visit to my site earlier... I know looking into your teaset must have been an awesome experience with your girls!!!

  13. I was so glad to hear that the bunny was found safe and sound!!! I kinda breathed a sigh of relief!!! The pic of the sheep is so funny....and the puppy is adorable!!! HOPE you have a great Thursday!!!


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