Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wendell Looks for Patrice

It was a rotten "Chat" day for me. I went to the house to find Patrice and all of our blog friends, but she wasn't there. I checked my deodorant. Yup- smelled like horse. Everything's okay in that department! I couldn't stand the thought of missing a Chat this week, so I went out to the pasture with Rocky and Ricky.
They hadn't seen Patrice either, so I ran through the chicken fence. I was mad. C.S.Farmer wasn't exactly,what one would describe as happy. So... I checked my deodorant. Yup, horse. Just as it should be. It was fun to watch the chickens run. They wouldn't share their grain. If only I'd been born a giraffe. Then I could reach it. I wonder what a giraffe is. Hmm...

Today is Wednesday, so I went up to the farmhouse to find Patrice. This is what I found.
These guys were so rude! When I asked them about Patrice, they said I was baaaaaad. I guess they heard about the chicken fence.Still, they shouldn't judge me. They're just jealous that they can't trample down their fence. But I still haven't found Patrice.

I finally got to the house. I looked inside. Do you know what I found? Patrice was asleep. She was hugging a box of Kleenex saying that her sinuses were driving her crazy. Whew! At least it wasn't me. I guess the farmer didn't tell her about the fence yet. Whew! I asked if we were going to chat. She said she didn't feel like it. I said, "Hey, what about a carrot?" She said she didn't feel like it. I meant for me, not her. She must be in a bad way if she didn't want a carrot. Maybe she was afraid I'd hide little white pills in it. I told her she could have a week off from Chats. Would you back me on this please, Chat Friends?

Patrice- You have the week off from Chats. You are required to be here next week, or I'll take over your blog. Cocoa Pony's a Hackney, that sounds like hacker. I'll have to have him help me.

Friends- Please come back to Chats next week. As a handsome horse, I don't have a big social life, so I hope you will come back. I will even check my deodorant. :)

I love you all, WENDELL J. HORSE 


  1. patrice, hope you feel better soon. thanks, wendell!

  2. Wendell, thanks for investigating. I won't say a thing about the fence.
    We'll chat next week. I hope Patrice feels better, with or without 'magic' carrots!

  3. So glad you found her Wendell! I bet she felt much better after seeing your handsome face! Big hugs buddy!


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