Monday, May 21, 2012

I Drove the Horse Trailer!

It was time to "put on my big girl pants" this past weekend. D3 had a horse show an hour away and I was the only available person to drive. The show was Saturday morning and I had to drive down one of the busiest roads in this area. I was a bit intimidate by the size of the truck and trailer, but I knew I had to do it.

Friday night gave me an hour lesson with my farmer. He got in the passenger seat and said, "Okay. Back it all the way to the barn." I hadn't gone forward yet! I tried and tried, but after about thirty attempts I got a break. C.S.Farmer said it was time to go out in traffic. Did I tell you it was rush hour? I did okay until we got to a nearby town and I had to get gas. I pulled over for him to get the rig into a gas station. We took all four pumps at the station. They were so crowded and we were so in the way. People don't understand, so I was glad the farmer was in charge. I was also glad he paid for the gas. His truck is really expensive to fill. The twenty I usually carry wouldn't have gone very far. When we finally got home, I took the truck to our barn road and turned around. I had to back to do it, but it only took two tries. Then I was on the straight road, once again trying to back the rig to the big barn at the end of our barn road. The trailer has a mind of its own and I wasn't very successful. I was able to back up for about ten feet, but I managed to have the trailer jack knife. (That means the trailer made an "L" to the truck.) I had to quit for the evening.
Our truck and stock trailer is on the right. The pretty mare is Molly.

When it was show time, we were able to load Molly into the trailer with no problem. She was wonderful loading, but once in, she thought she was leaving for good! She rocked and stomped (repeat 20 times). I left for the show, but warned D3 that I would have to turn around and go back home if she kept it up on the highway. D3 kept calling for Molly to settle down. "Whoa!" Eventually, the mare calmed down and we arrived at the show. I was able to pull into a place in the field where I didn't have to back up when it was time to leave. YAY!
Molly's break

Molly won 2-thirds,1- fourth, and 1- sixth. Not bad for a horse who had never been to a horse show! She wasn't phased by the loud speaker or kids in strollers. She LOVED meeting the other horses and answered all of their neighs. It was a great day!
a "green horse" class  (new horse)

Waiting for the judges


  1. Hi Patrice!
    Oh, Molly has a beautiful face! Way to go! I'd be so nervous!

  2. OH Patrice, I'm so very impressed with you girl. You are one classy brave mom. I tell you the power of the motherly love will make you do things outside your comfort zone. Congratulations, that sue wasn't easy. I know I even have a hard time backing a small wagon in place at the barn, not with a truck but with my hands. It seems that it wants to go any which way but in the direction I want to back it up in. It's difficult enough for me to back up into a parking space with the van.

    Congratulations on Molly and the rider and the driver. You girls ((ROCK))

    Have a wonderful week. JB

  3. Oops, typo error. That should be It sure wasn't easy. JB

  4. What a weekend! Hooray for D3 and Molly (love that name!) Molly is a beautiful girl!

    I can still remember my white knuckles and cramped fingers the first time I drove my horses anywhere. I was a wreck. I've gotten a bit better at it now.
    Backing is such a 'head game'! I end up talking to myself! One trick a friend taught me is to put my hand on the bottom of the steering wheel when I back up the trailer. If I move my hand to the right, the back of the trailer will go in that direction. It makes it a bit easier!

  5. I saw the title to your blog post and wanted to yell ..."Hey, thats me!" I just recently learned to drive the horse trailer as well. I always try to pull in where I dont' have to back up! It ccan get soo frustrating. Guys must have something wired in their brain that makes it easier for them cause they just seem to get it. Congratulations on your accomplishment and Molly's!!

  6. Congrats to you, Patrice, and to d3 and molly!

  7. I think it turned out to be a very good day, and Mollie did great. You are so brave to drive that big stock trailer.
    Great pictures!

  8. Go Patrice! I doubt I would be as brave.
    Congrats to Molly and D3, well done!
    Rose H

  9. Yay! You go, Girls! That looked like so much fun!

  10. Best to face your fears! Glad Molly and D3 did well!

  11. Look at YOU! I'm so impressed! You are quite the inspiration for those of us who don't like driving in traffic. With horse trailers. And trucks. Heck, I wouldn't do it in my car. :)

  12. Oh, good for you, Patrice! Well done! I'm told it's a matter of practice, practice, practice...I'll find out, eventually, with my little vintage home on wheels. I've only driven a horse trailer once and never had to back up so that time is a-coming.


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