Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 41

Welcome to the porch. We may be able to sit outside to chat, but weather has been quite a roller coaster lately. Wendell will not be joining us today. He has started feeling poorly again. I believe his condition is chronic. In the morning, he will be put back into his stall and I will give him loaded carrots again (filled with his medicine).

I would like to thank, long time porch visitor, McGuffy Ann for a blog award. Thank you! Isn't it lovely?
Wendell is sure that it's exclusively for him. He likes the "carrot flower." I won't be joining in on all the questions, but I do appreciate the award for Wendell. Who asked you, Wen? Nobody. I'm an award winning horse. I can do what I want. Not quite! We need to talk, big guy. I can't talk. I have my mouth full.
What else is new!!

Here are our questions for today:
  1. Who do you go to when you really need someone to talk to about something important?
  2. How often do you grill food outdoors?
  3. What's the interior color of your car/truck/van?
  4. What's the last great buy you got?
  5. What's new?
My answers:
  1. Depending on the topic, it could be hubby or one of my sisters. My sister is the world's greatest person to talk to.
  2. Not often enough. We enjoy it when we do, but it takes a bit longer. And then there's clean up...
  3. Silver. The first time my little girl saw it she said, "It looks like duct tape, Mom!"
  4. I went to a thrift shop with one of the girls today and she scored 4 gorgeous dresses for less than $30. One of them was five times that originally. Yay! 
  5. D2 won 1st place in a harp competition recently. Wendell is showing symptoms of his illness again. We got a second flock of sheep and there is a runt who is now D3's pet. My dishwasher died. Arrrrrrrrr!!!!! I'm sure there are other things, but my pillow is calling me. I'll be right there!
Have a great week!


  1. i am sorry wendell is again ailing...

  2. My DH is my number 1 go-to person when I need to talk to someone. I can always count on him! Unfortunately, I do not grill enough. I hope this summer to correct this problem. =D The interior of our car is beige. No great buys that I can think of and as far what's new - not much! Sorry I couldn't post these questions on my blog, but I wanted to link up. Life is still up in the air for me these days. Thanks for hosting!


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