Saturday, April 28, 2012

Wendell Wants to Send Flowers to Leontien

Dear Ms. Leontien,
I'm Wendell Horse, the star from Everyday Ruralty. Patrice Sent you flowers in a post and left me out. I want to send you something too. The problem is buying flowers. She won't let me have her wallet.
I would like to send you

or these,

or even these.

Oh, yes. These would be nice.

Definitely. These would do.

I just can't get those for you. Patrice said it should be
a bouquet. I don't know what that is. Hmm??
This won't do. I ate them!
I just don't know what to do. Horses like me don't get paid much. I will get Leontien a bouquet. I can do this!
Perfect! Green flowers. Now I can participate too.
I hope you like the green flowers, Leontien.

             Love and Horse Kisses,


  1. oh, wen! i'm sure this will be WONDERFUL! :) thank you, dear boy, for sharing love with leontien - even if you wouldn't share your carrots!

  2. Wendell, you're my kind of horse...thoughtful and caring!!

  3. Wendall, not only do have a great smile you are also a very thoughtful horse. Leontien will love any flowers you pick, even some beautiful fresh dandelions. She's a sweet girl. JB

  4. LOL Wendall, it must be so hard to type when you dont have fingers - Good Job - im almost positive you made Leontien smile - I know I did :)!

  5. Hi Wendall...You are cute!
    I Hug you

  6. Hi Wendell, I'm more than certain that Leontien will adore your lovely flowers and dear thoughts for her. Bless you dear :o)
    Rose H

  7. O yes….Leontien need this !!! for all the blog girls who give her flowers today !!…glad you did this….love Ria…xxx…

  8. Wendell, you're too sweet! Leontien will LOVE the greens!

  9. Great post! Did you get your Sunshine award??
    McGuffy's Reader

  10. Oh you made me laugh and I know Leontien loves to laugh. Perfect. Hugs B


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