Friday, April 6, 2012

Riding presents one problem for Molly.

Molly is a lovely horse.
She has a heart for running.

She gallops with the wind rushing through her hair, and her rider's hair too.

There's one little problem for Molly.

All those rides ruins her nail polish.

WENDELL UPDATE (4-6-12): He is about the same as the day before, but he walked to the side of his stall to greet D3's friend, who had stayed with us yesterday. He is obviously still uncomfortable, but it may take a while for the medication to work. He would never have bothered to greet anyone if he was in more pain. He is eating well and drinks more water than he did when he was in the pasture. 


  1. hoping he continues to show improvement!

  2. Thanks for the Wendell update.
    Hmmm.... maybe D3 doesn't want Molly to run so fast?

  3. I do hope he mends quickly. A horse is a gal's best friend.

  4. Thanks for the update. Poor Wendell. I had to laugh about ruining Molly's nail polish. JB

  5. Sorry about that nail polish. Hopefully Wendell will start improving quickly.

  6. Funny about the nail polish! LOVE it! So, so glad that Wendell is showing signs of improvement! Still sending positive thoughts and prayers up for him and you!

  7. Hoping he continues to do well!

  8. What is wrong with Wendell? My girls ask about him all the time! Hope he's better soon!


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