Saturday, April 21, 2012

Petunia Starts a Trend

Things are buzzing in pig world. The post about Petunia made all of our other pigs crave attention.
They're digging their own swimming pool, so they can have water marks like Petunia.

How about digging a pool for Patrice?


  1. How about digging truffles for Patrice?

  2. I think you lost one (laying over there in the background!) and missing out on all the fun!

  3. The pigs are cute! My brothers raised two wiener pigs one year. We kept them in a neighbor's old barn and I used to ride my bike down to sit with them. They were pink and rosy looking! Your pigs are fancy!

  4. They do look happy. Do they have different person... er ... pig-onalities?

  5. Yeah, I got to get me some pigs to dig me a swimming pool. Thanks Patrice. JB


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