Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 40

I'm sorry I wasn't on the porch bright and early Tuesday. We had a family emergency. We are all okay. I originally intended to have this be a Wednesday porch chat, but I got used to putting posts up on Tuesday and it just stuck.

I won't put an update of Wendell's condition at the bottom of this post. I will tell you a story about the old boy, right her and now.
Wendell's Escape
<ahem> Once upon a time there was a cute horse named Wendell. He had gotten very sick and was placed in a stall, in a barn, to recover. He happily consumed carrots that were laced with his medicine. A few days proved that he would be okay. He was kept in the barn until  the farmer could fence another section of pasture for Wen and his barn roommate, Cocoa Pony.

Wendell went from barely moving to slowly walking around the LARGE stall. He progressed from taking small portions of hay to grabbing all he could get, all the while, forgetting his manners. He eventually moved well and ate well, if you can overlook breeches of etiquette! The new pasture was not fenced as quickly as I'd hoped. Perhaps the handsome horse became impatient. One morning, D3 went to feed him breakfast and found that he had jumped out of his stall. Now for any of you who know farm equipment, he cleared a cattle panel! It was over waist height for me. The horse, who could barely walk, had become a jumper. At least he feels better now.

Instead of keeping him inside the barn, we opened the main gate and let him go back into the pasture with Rocky and Ricky (the Percheron Draft Horses). Please note the expression on the following picture. Do you think he's happy with himself?
I'm so glad this guy is alive and HAPPY!
Thanks to D3 for this incredible shot- no photo editing, just a laughing horse:)

  1. Do you prefer wallpaper or paint?
  2. What qualities make a good friend?
  3. Are you planning a summer vacation?
  4. Do you have a garage, carport, park on the street or park in your driveway?
  5. Tell me something interesting about your week. (oops- please)
My answers:
  1. I like both. We have some walls in our home that were less than perfect. I found a wonderful wallpaper from the UK that is textured and hides flaws. It is made to be painted. It has saved a lot of work in two rooms.
  2. A good friend should be someone who you can tell anything to without being judged or criticized.A good friend should be kind and willing to put time and energy into a friendship. A good friend sticks with you through thick and thin. You should be able to trust and rely on this friend.
  3. We'll pack up all the horses, cows, sheep, pigs, chickens, cats, dogs, and kids and go... CRAZY! I guess the answer is, in short, a resounding, echoing NO. There just aren't folks who can babysit a working farm with all we have going on.
  4. We park in the driveway or up on the grass in front of the house- barn-greenhouse- farm store etc.
  5. I have to drive to an airport to pick up my dear friend. It's in the city and the airport is miserable to get to. My friend is a "shrink". I'll need her by the time I actually get to her airline terminal! :)
                                                    Have a great week!


  1. wendell is a big guy to be a jumper! glad he's doing well! i guess well enough to fend off any chases by the draft guys, too!

  2. I am just drawn to Wendell.. and I love the picture!! So happy to hear the report - I'd missed out and didn't realize he was going through a tough time again. Give him a hug from me and my donkey girls, please! ;) -Tammy

  3. That is a great picture. How expressive Wendell is. Glad he is going great.
    I prefer paint.

    A good friend is loyal, honest, and is there for you.

    I will be keeping the 3 grandchild since they are out of school. May do something this fall.

    We park under the carport. The garage is now a barn.

    My mother is coming to visit this week. She and I love gardening, so we will visit a lot of nurseries and home gardening centers during her visit.

  4. That is a great picture. My oldest daughter is a horse enthusiast and likes your picture. We were wondering if we could get a copy of it. Let me know. It is a great shot and I look forward to meeting you all in person some day. :-)

  5. Love the pic of Wendall. That's just too funny. Glad he is doing better.

  6. I absolutely HATE airports - no, it's not really the airports I hate, it's the traffic trying to get to them, once there it's not so bad.

  7. This week has gotten off to a wee bit tough start and I was unable to get myself in gear yesterday to grab your question, then answer them for today's post. *sigh* So, I'll just answer your questions here. Is this okay? =D
    1. I prefer paint over wallpaper.
    2. There's really only one quality of a good friend that sounds out and that is loyality. A friend is a friend no matter what, even when distance and time separates two friends then a friends just pick up with being friends again on down the line. There aren't any boundaries or limits.
    3.Not a get-away vacation, but we're hoping to have our annual 'alone time' at the end of May. That's gonna be so good, if it works out, too!
    4. We have a one car garage, but it's not being used as that. It's more or less used for storage of everything else, so we park in the driveway.
    5. The most interesting thing is I was appointed as a new co-host to Monday's Music Moves Me. I've been honory co-host all month, but now it's permenant. Whoo-hoo! Come visit me on Monday, if you wanna dance. =D
    Have a great week, Patrice. I'll try to get my act together next Wednesday.

  8. Great answers. I hope you have fun with your friend. I am amazed you got these questions up this week.
    I emailed you back.

  9. You.Scared.Me. I was SO sure something really bad had happened at the last moment!!!!! That picture is incredible, I love it!! And I am also SO glad that he is feeling better and frisky!

  10. I'm not usually that fussed about horses, but Wendell..... well, what a character - I love the laugh!!!

  11. Love the photo of Wendell and glad to hear he is recovering so well!

  12. Loving the picture of wendell - I would have loved to see him making that jump!

  13. Wendell is adorable!! Hugs to both of you!

  14. Fabulous photo of Wendell and so glad he's doing better...keep it up, Wendell!


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