Monday, April 16, 2012

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 39

I hope everyone is enjoying the spring weather. It was just like summer today, but it's supposed to cool down and act like spring again. I won't know whether to serve you iced tea or hot chocolate with our unpredictable season.

I've been busy with some projects lately and I will be showing them to you this week. I realized that I haven't shown you the new look of my dining room. I was waiting until it was finished, but that might be a while now that it's planting time. I'll blog that soon.

Wendell is much better. Yay! He's bored, but we're keeping him in his stall until we can fence a new pasture for him (and Cocoa). When he was very sick, one of the big draft horses bullied him. It's time to rearrange horses in horse pastures. That always seems to upset the balance, but they adjust after a while.
This week's questions:
  1. What's the last big gathering you attended? (wedding, funeral, graduation, party, riot,etc)
  2. Do you switch over your seasonal wardrobe, wear the same things year round, have a huge closet to put it all in, or throw everything out and buy new each season(I threw the last one in there to see if you're paying attention;)?
  3. What sweetener do you use most often?
  4. Slippers, socks, or barefoot?
  5. What questions would you like me to ask the group over the next few weeks?

My answers:

  1. D2 just played the harp at a funeral last week.
  2. I don't have much closet space, so I have to store the out of season things.
  3. I normally use organic evaporated cane sugar, but I have started using more raw honey. I also like stevia.
  4. Slippers. I used to go barefoot all the time, but too many farm boots track across my floor. Since I can't seem to retrain the guilty parties, I put on slippers or sandals/flip-flops instead.
  5. What everyone would like to see more of on this blog. Oops- you guys are supposed to answer this one. While we're talking about it, what would you like to see more of???
I hope good things happen to you this week!


  1. Hi Patrice, I'm coming over to chat today. It's 4:51 am and I hope that you have the coffee on.

  2. Hey Patrice, since my blog is going away, I thought I would write a few of the answers down here, okay?
    2. I wear the same clothes year 'round, except for a sweater her or there. I really don't have many clothes.
    3. I use raw sugar to sweeten my tea. If it is iced tea, I use white sugar.
    4. I go barefoot most of the time. But if the floor has a lot of crumbs on it, I use flip flops or a slip on.

  3. Love reading your chats....hope one day I can join in. Love your questions....and for me it's definitely barefoot. I hate socks.:)

  4. Happy Wendell is better!! Yay Wendell!!
    I love this meme; thanks, Patrice. Hugs.

  5. You cracked me up with the 'Tex-Mex' comment!
    Funny that you asked about the rugs... I am getting some pictures together and plan to post something... some day!

    Give Wendell a hug!

  6. I'm definitely going insane, I believe. I'm answering questions all wrong today. I messed up on #1. I thought you were asking me what is the largest gathering I've attended. That being the case, then I'd have to say my DD#2's wedding in January. I'm not picky. Whatever you bring to your blog will be a joy and a gift to us all. Thanks for hosting! You're such a peach of gal!!


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