Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 38

Welcome to my porch!The weather is a bit windy, but it's definitely spring. Everything is dusted with yellow pollen. (Oh, joy! -<sarcasm>) After a visit, we should walk down and visit Wendell. He's bright eyed and bushy tailed. He seems to be on the mend. He is no longer groaning with a tummy ache. His gait isn't as stiff, but he is very limited in a stall. It's the funniest thing how last year, when he was sick, he lost his award winning personality. He has been anti-social for the last year. No matter what we did, he seemed to always be indifferent. He's a love bug again. He'd always been a very affectionate horse, until last year. He's so friendly. It must have been  the friendly medicine I gave him! I honestly don't know what got his personality back, but I'm very happy to have him greet me when I go to the barn.

Here are our questions for the week:
  1. Would you prefer to watch a movie in a theater or at home?
  2. Do you have a specific way for managing change(coins)? This could be a bank, a large piece of pottery, or an old bottle. Perhaps you roll it right away for the bank, give it to your kids, or spend it instead of letting it accumulate.
  3. How often do you have to vacuum?
  4. Do you prefer flooring, carpet, or rugs? 
  5. This week is my birthday! Yay! If I could visit you for 1-2 hours, where would  you take me. Patrice, Aren't you being a bit presumptuous? Do you think I'd actually want to take you anywhere? Don't you know I only read your blog to see Wendell? Seriously, well not exactly, but humor me anyway- would we go for a walk in your garden, to a nearby antique store, to a tea room or coffee shop? A Happy Meal? Hello- are you still there? I just thought this question would be fun.
My answers:
  1. Home! I really don't like crowds. Since having Lyme Disease, my brain and eyes cannot take all of the bright lights and fast paced ads like a movie theater has.
  2. I put all my change in a pottery bowl. I take the wheat pennies and any different or collectible coins and put them in a bank that my dear friend, Elaine,gave me. It looks like a guard from the Tower of London. It's a cute bank. I roll large quantities of coins for deposit and have to always come up with quarters for the change bags we use at the farmers' market.
  3. With two dogs and four cats- DAILY!
  4. I love hardwood flooring. Rugs are good and can help with warmth. I have had lots of carpets over the years, but when they get really dirty, it isn't as easy to manage them as flooring or rugs that can be removed easily.
  5. I'd visit each one of you and bring you a bouquet of spring flowers. I just want you to know how much I care about my porch visitors! Thank you to everyone who reads or follows this blog. This June will be two years of blogging. I'm so glad that I started Everyday Ruralty!
"I'd take you to the carrot store! Of course. Bring that plastic thing or lots of cash.
I'd buy you lots of nice bright colored carrots. They even have purple ones now.
They must be from the Easter Bunny. I will watch them in the horse trailer
 while you drive home. Okay? It will be a wonderful celebration of carrots- oops,
I mean, your birthday."
Have a great week!


  1. i hope wendell keeps his sweetness intact! :)

    and happy, happy birthday, patrice!

  2. Happy, Happy Birthday, Patrice!!

  3. Happy, happy birthday week to you, sweet Lady. HOPE your birthday holds lots and lots of sweet blessings!!!

  4. Love the questions this week. Especially #5. Hope you are having an awesome week. Congrats on your upcoming blogiversary.

  5. Great questions and answers! I hate the pollen around here..it is killing my allergies and asthma!!!

    I hope you have a great birthday!!!


  6. Have a wonderful birthday Patrice :o)
    So pleased Wendell is on the mend and his sweet personallity has returned.
    Rose H

  7. Hi Patrice., I'm glad that Wendell is back to his old self now.
    To answer your questions, I seldom watch a movie but I prefer watching at home. I don't let my coins accumulate but my husband does and it rives me crazy. I used to vacuum daily when the kids were young but now once every two weeks or when it needs it. I much prefer wooden floors. I do not like carpets in the house but like small mats. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sweet Patrice.
    Hugs. JB

  8. I mean it drives me crazy. JB

  9. Hmmmm....first of all Happy Birthday! I like movies at home, once in a blue moon I like to go to the theater with my girlfriends, but like you I'm not into crowds. I put all my change in an old hot chocolate can and use it for our son's lunches at school. I like all types of flooring, just depends where. Vaccuuming? I plead the 5th.

    I'd bring you to my favourite coffee shop/art gallery and then go for a walk on the beaches around here hunting for beach glass.

  10. Happy Birthday Girly! I hope your day is as lovely as you are...Oh, by the way, I'm glad you started this blog. Let's hope Wendell keeps his sunny personality :o)

  11. Happy Birthday! I know I haven't linked up for a few weeks, we are pretty sick here. It's my turn now. I just wanted to say happy birthday.

  12. Happy birthday! Glad Wendell is feeling better.

  13. Happy Birthday to you!

    Let's see. I like the theater when it's not crowded, the kids are somewhere else, and I can get lost in my own little world. Home is ok too.

    I usually put my change on my husband's dresser in a jar he keeps.

    I should sweep daily, but I don't.

    I'm leaning more toward flooring, especially if there is radiant heat under it!

    Since we live a long ways from anywhere, I would probably keep you in the sun room and just visit for the two hours sipping a beverage and nibbling on goodies that are diet friendly to you :-)

  14. Happy Birthday week! I hope every single day is birthday perfect! So glad Wendell is feeling better. I knew your special touch would make all the difference. Hate I missed the chattin' yesterday- still doing that A-Z challenge and all. I'm like you with crowds, I can't take them. I think they'd be fine if it people weren't involved. LOL And bright lights and loud noises- cannot take those either. Our change goes into a little basket and then to the bean jar; I vacuum about 2 or 3 times a week--Tuck doesn't shed and the only who brings in dirt is the husband; I LOVE hardwood floors- we have area rugs on ours. When we took the carpet out our allergies got so much better! If you could come down here for your birthday, we would do whatever you wanted to do- go to the beach, go downtown, sit around and chat...your choice!


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