Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 37

Welcome to my porch! I had a two fun days as we celebrated D3's birthday. Sunday evening we had a party. We were able to have it in our newly painted dining room. I still have to hang pictures and put the finishing touches on the room, but using the newly renovated room was great. Monday included a shopping trip as part of D3's present. Girls love shopping!I'm very happy with the clothes she chose. My, my- that rhymes! When I told you that we had a birthday, I forgot to  tell you the neatest bit of trivia. Yesterday was not only D3's birthday, but her beloved mare, Molly's, too. Imagine a horse and her owner sharing the same birthday. Month, day, and year are the same. It's kind of funny to think I might have been in labor while  the broodmare was foaling Molly. Of all the horse folks I know and all the horses, I have never heard of any others who shared a birthday.

A few of you have asked about Wendell. He's pretty used to the chickens now, but the sheep are a bit of a curiosity for him. As I walked out to get eggs yesterday, I noticed Wendell hiding behind a tree, adjacent to the pen where the new sheep are. How I wish I'd had my camera! I'm sure he will get used to the lambs soon enough. I'm not sure if the lambs will get used to him, or us, for that matter! They have really mastered that flight thing( as in "fight or flight"). They seem scared of their own shadows. Hopefully, they will settle in soon.
  1. What was the first sign of spring that you saw this year?
  2. What was the last package you received in the mail?
  3. Do you have any Easter, or spring traditions in your home?
  4. Do you hand wash dishes or machine was them?
  5. If I had an extra hour each day, I'd ______________.
My answers:
  1. I saw a Robin Red Breast bird.
  2. I received a lovely box of goodies from Empty Nester. Thank you, my friend. You didn't have to do that, but I'm glad you did!
  3. Easter time includes lots of church traditions. I love the music celebrating the resurrection of Christ. We have a lovely dinner. I always had Easter baskets for the girls, but each year I seem to be getting further and further away from all of that candy. I try to find gifts they would enjoy, and only have a tiny amount of sweets.
  4. All of the above! With food allergies galore, I cook everything from scratch. It makes a huge amount of dishes. I can only keep up if I fill the dishwasher and do remaining pots and pans by hand.
  5.  ___sneak off somewhere quiet and finish writing my book.


  1. Wow a double celebration!
    The thought od Wendall hiding from the sheep made me smile Patrice :o)
    I'm sure if you had hedgehogs in the US they'd be more than happy to make a home with you...
    Sending very best wishes for a very happy Easter.
    Rose H

  2. Lana from Walking the Off Beaten Path introduced me to your blog. I am enjoying reading through your posts and looking at all the gorgeous pictures. Have a great day!

    Sarah @ This Farm Family's Life

  3. 1. The green ground.....we hardly had any snow!
    2. Face cream that will firm up my wrinkles and saggy spots! I am such a sucker for these products right now! ACK!
    3. Does planting corn and beans count? :-)
    4. Both. Some pans and good dishes are washed by hand.
    5. Either Scrapbook, read, spend one-on-one time with each daughter, declutter (last resort but probably should be first!)

  4. Very nice answers for this week. I like your traditions.
    It is nice that the first thing in your new dining room was a party. I hope you
    get to have lots more of those. :)
    I will be linking up later, thanks,

  5. Hi there, Loved reading your answers today. I used to get baskets for my girls as well but now with 9 grandkids, I tend to hit the dollar store and get little things there. Have a great day.

  6. Hi Patrice, I like reading your answers too. Here are mine.
    1, my first sign of spring was seeing a tomcat trying to mount my little barn cat and I also saw a pigeon courting another pigeon and I saw a red Robin in a tree in my front yard.
    2, My last package I received was a hooking book I ordered.
    3.One of the Easter tradition I did for many years was hiding the Easter eggs but now I don't do it anymore. My daughter has taken over.
    4. I use mostly a dishwasher since this winter but occasionally I'll do some by hand.
    5. If I had an extra hour I'd sleep in in the morning.

    Take care, JB

  7. Today I received these crazy, fake owl eye things to hang in the garage to discourage the birds. CRAZY!

  8. Hi Patrice

    I'm taking a few weeks off to participate in A-Z Challenge but wanted to check in with you. My first sign of spring is always when I see the first dandelion blooming...that was on Sunday afternoon. There are others but that's when it really gets going for me.
    I wonder why Wendell is shy around the lambs?

  9. I really missed chatting on your porch yesterday because of that A-Z Challenge. I've also been in the garden every single day this week trying to get everything up and going before tomorrow. My FIL always said we had to have everything planted by Good Friday. Well, I've got most of it, but not all. I can't find any lettuce anywhere this year. Or spinach. No more Easter traditions around here with the lovelies gone. But DoodleBug reminded me that she will be here and still wants her Easter basket. LOL Have a wonderful Easter weekend!


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