Monday, April 23, 2012

Amish Auction

C.S.Farmer took me to an auction this week. Nobody bid on me, so he had to bring me home! ;)
After getting our bidder numbers, he went to the fields and I went to the tent with the "women folk". There were so many small children of the Amish there. Many women had babes in arms. I would have loved to photograph some of the sweet toddlers in their Amish dress, but I know that is considered very disrespectful to photograph Amish. Besides, I'd freak if someone took pictures of my kids. My inner guard dog would come out. Not a pretty visual!
There was plenty of machinery for sale. The horse was not for sale.

There were buggies for sale, and tons of building supplies, hardware items, and farm supplies.

Shiny tack

An antique butter churn that got a $95 bid.

Blue Willow
I wish I'd seen what it went for.

The guy on the right with the straw hat was one of the auctioneers.
There were some under the tent and some in the distant field too.
There was another tent behind where I was taking this photo. It had
seating for the ladies. Plants, furniture, antiques, kitchen items, and lots 
of miscellaneous  things were auctioned there.

I really like this shot of the "parking lot". There were two boats for auction. I was dearly hoping to see one
being towed by a buggy. Doesn't the visual picture of that make you laugh?

All of this and do you know what the best thing was for the day? Rain! Everyone was so happy to see some moisture that they just got wet and carried on as usual. Most of the people there were farmers and they know how dry it's been and how bad that can be this early in the growing season.
I'm thankful for rain!


  1. Love those pictures. We're having rain today too! Yippee!

  2. Oh, I love the Amish! My mom is neighbors to Amish in Kentucky. Nice folks. I didn't know there were many Amish in VA. I think I would love to go to an Amish auction. You will have to give me a heads up when I move to VA.

  3. My husband would probably try to auction me off too!! Thanks for the laugh! Great pictures too.

  4. that's awesome! congrats on the much-needed rain and a fun day.

  5. So did you buy anything? It makes me laugh to see those butter churns. You can still buy those new and I am pretty sure that they aren't 95 dollars.
    When my Mom sold butter, milk, cheese from our cows, we had two or three going all of the time. I used one all of the time.
    I need to ask my sister if she has ran across them.
    When my Dad lived in a Amish community that was his favorite time of year when they had the sales.
    I bet it was a good time for you.
    I know I would have had a good time.

  6. Haha!... he didn't auction you!

    Love the photos, and would *love* to visit one of those. We staying in Amish country in PA on our holiday and loved every single minute of that experience.

    Oh, the South of England had rain this past week as well and they were rejoicing. We, on the other hand, had blue skies, and I can assure we - we were rejoicing over that too!

  7. Y'all get to do the coolest things! We got rain too and the garden was delighted! I'm pretty sure I saw the plants doing the happy dance of joy out there! I was practically doing it myself. LOL Did you bid on anything at the auction?

  8. What great photos! I especially love the one with the harnesses.

  9. I went to an auction last weekend... it's run by an Amish family. There are some Amish attending and selling, but most of the crowd consists of "Englishers".... I think that's what they call us!

  10. Hi, I loved the pictures and oh how I would have loved the butter churn. Of course I love all things Amish and would have been thrilled to be there. But rain, oh I am so ready for spring and summer weather. Here on vacation, the cooler weather is disappointing but if there was rain every day, I wouldn't be happy.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Noreen

  11. What a lovely post Patrice. You are right, that tack was super shiney! All the items well used, loved and cared for - much, much better than the throw away we live in.
    Hope you have a lovely week.
    Rose H

  12. I would have loved to attended! My mom has a butter churn just like that, except a little larger. Her dad used to use it!

  13. We have several Amish in our community and they have an auction twice a year. All of the proceeds go to the three Amish schools in our area. We usually go. It's amazing what items are for sale!

    Sarah @ This Farm Family's Life

  14. Hi Patrice! It has been awhile since I've visited here and I must say you did not disappoint as usual - you crack me up and make me laugh and then I find myself smiling at these wonderful pics! I love Amish country, yet have never attended one of their auctions. Because of your post, I now am inspired to go to one this summer! Thank you for sharing!!

    In Him~


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