Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wendell- Caught!

Photo by Farmgirl Writes

When I read my daughter's blog this morning I was so excited to see this picture of Wendell being somewhat social. I wasn't outside at the time, so this was an assumption on my part. I commented on the photo to her while and learned that this picture was the result of Wendell, Rocky, and Ricky being chased away from the grain truck. The were committing a theft at the time. "I was just tasting it to make sure it was safe for the livestockies." 
"He did it," said Rocky and Ricky, in unison. They said this while pointing at Wendell.

Fortunately, none of the thieves colicked after the act. Wendell went through that last year when we almost lost him. If you want to read about Wendell's horrible experience last year.Post 1. Post 2.

"I'd like to speak to all my friends now." 
Okay, Wendell. Here's your chance.
"I  think it's cool that you visit Patrice on the porch. I'm glad to be, not only the mascot, but the object of your affection. There's one little problem. All of the virtual carrots you send don't get to me. I bet Patrice eats them. Rocky says that she probably juices them. I don't know what that is. It hardly matters. I'm starving out here. Can't you see I'm wasting away out here? I say I'm not guilty. I'm just a victim of virtual veggies!"
Are you finished?
"Uh? Well, no. Can I ask them for some oats? You don't juice oats, do you?"
You're a stinky horse, Wen, but I love you!


  1. I love it when I see Wendell being so healthy and up to his old tricks... compared to last year. That was so scary.

    1. I agree! I remember trying to pull him up to get him to his feet, when all he wanted to do was close his eyes and give up. I remember D3 braiding his mane and telling me she had to keep doing it because he was going to be alright. Thanks for commenting. All of the support I got, when we were so scared, was amazing!

  2. I'm glad that Wendell is being a bit naughty. He certainly had a rough season. Now give him a virtual carrot. Have a good day.

  3. Wendell, you were chased away from the feed truck for a good reason. It looks like you have a short memory. Instead of trying to get an extra ration of feed maybe you can start dreaming about carrots. I bet you that they would taste even better than virtual carrots. What do you say Big Boy. JB

  4. When I saw the title of your post, I said oh no what has Wendall been into now.....Wendall you are a mess getting those horses in all that trouble...All of you could have gotten sick.....I didn't know you last year but the others are right we are all glad you are being naughty again if that means you are back to your old self....I tell you what Wendall, if you will send me your address, I will send you some carrots and make Patrice promise she won't juice them...How about that? Now you be nice...

  5. Uh - oh! Caught red handed... or fuzzy-lipped or something!
    Give Wendell a pat from me. Let him know that Pippin suffers from lack of carrots and goodies, too!

  6. I don't know Patrice. It looks like a set-up to me! I just know that sweet, loveable Wendell would NEVER do any wrong! When I get up that way, I'm bringing him CARROTS! :)

  7. I went back to the posts about Wendell when he was down. It reminds me of the time when my daughter's horse (my mom bought an old Arabian mare for her) came down with choke. It was scary! The first doctor that came out wasn't very nice and evidently didn't perform the correct procedure. She only got worse. My mom and dad called their normal vet and he was out as soon as he could be. He did what he could and told us to wait and he gave her an antibiotic. She pulled through. Unfortunately, two years ago, when in season, she decided to flirt with the neighbors stallion. She was torn up from barbed wire. While she was down, the other horses decided to finish her off. Of course they didn't, but she didn't look good. The vet came out and looked her over. He said the tears to her backside would probably have healed nicely, but the torn foot wouldn't. He ended up having to put her down. It was sad to watch. My daughter was devastated.

    I have to laugh when Wendell gets himself into trouble. He is such a mischief maker.

  8. Cute! You can't blame a guy for trying. Tink put her letter in the mail. I think she said I said maybe the girls could meet this summer...uhm.... not quite the words that came out of my mouth, but I guess one should never say never. Just wanted to give you a heads up we are NOT planning to invade your space or anything. We'll just see how our usually fast-paced summer plays itself out.


  9. Hi Patrice!
    Aw, Wendell! He's adorable and so are his friends!

  10. Wendell! You are such a character. I will make sure that my carrots go straight from me to you and that Patrice can't get them in her juicer. Not sure you need any more oats right now - you seem pretty frisky to me LOL

  11. haha I just stumbled upon your blog from another and the stories you tell are great! I have worked on farms and owned horses all my life and this particular photo caught my eye- too funny because I can tell just how pleased they are with themselves while also with a slight fear instilled in them. Great blog!
    If you're interested in stopping by mine it's:


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