Monday, March 12, 2012

Welcome to the Chicken Palace

I guess we should throw a retirement party for our older laying hens. This is the time of year when we bring the pullets to the farm. We need to house them in the facility that the earlier hens used for roosting and nesting boxes.  So, C.S.Farmer built a chicken palace.

The new house is 10'x20' and it's on a trailer, so it can be moved around the farm. At least that was the plan. Flat tires on the trailer and a wind so strong that it almost took it off, made quite a challenge. The wind was so strong that C.S.Farmer went to change the battery on my truck and the wind took the hood and slammed it up over the windshield. It now has wrinkles! I guess the truck and I are both getting older.

The chickens free range, but this house is for them to sleep in at night. There are nest boxes so the eggs are in the house, instead of all over the yard. About two hundred hens will use this house.

Mobile Home?

Lots of space for air at the top.
Let's hope a hawk doesn't find this part.

Last minute touch ups.

The ramp being put in place by C.S.Farmer. He told me I could enter the house
by walking up the ramp. He assured me, "It will hold you." What, exactly, do you mean by that?

Nesting boxes before the straw is added.

Roosts for the chicken to sleep on.

That sturdy ramp!

The spacious abode.

The hens were moved to Wendell's pasture. Here's what Wendell thinks of it.
"I don't see any chicken out here, but the grass sure is green!" CHOMP_CHOMP_CHOMP

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  1. What a beautiful facility for the chickens! I like the idea of it being on a trailer and movable.

  2. Now I would say those chickens are going to be living in style....I bet there's not many chickens that have a home on wheels....What happens to the older chickens now?

    I can just see Wendall's face when all those chickens start roaming around his pasture...You've got to take some pictures of that.....

    I hope you have a wonderful week....

    1. This house is for the older chickens. The new pullets will be put in the gigantic hoop house with a large yard. I guess I need to show you all what that looks like. As far as Wendell- he's so busy eating green shoots, that I don't think he has noticed the chickens around him for the last three days.

  3. looks like a great roosting spot!

  4. What is the metal sheeting for?

  5. It looks like a beautiful chicken house:) We love the fact that it is for the old chickens. Personally speakin, I ain't no spring chicken, so I can sort of identify.

  6. Such a nice chicken palace on wheels . You are going to have some happy chickens. JB

  7. Wonderful new digs! I can almost smell the wood : )

  8. Love the new chicken house, I'm certain they'll love it!
    Have a great week.
    Rose H

  9. Now *thats* a chicken tractor! How awesome! Happy SPRING!


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