Thursday, March 29, 2012

Curly Hair

Over the years, the girls have tried a variety of hair styles. They have all been fascinated with having curly hair. D3 had VERY curly hair until she was about eight or nine. The others weren't as lucky and they tried a variety of ways to curl their hair. They've tried foam curlers, hot curlers, rag curlers, pin curls, braids that go into rag curlers, and the curling iron.

I had very long, mostly straight hair as a girl. I remember how thrilled I was when I got a large set of hot curlers for Christmas one year. I also managed to acquire two sets of curling rods that looked like colorful breadsticks. They came in a case that heated them up. I tried using both sets with a bit of hairspray first, leaving them in for a few hours. I looked like a poodle! Children, don't try this at home. A shower almost didn't remove the frizz. Thankfully, conditioner fixed the problem.

Our mare does "girl things" with her favorite rider. They both wear nail polish, braid their hair, wear scarves/ribbons, and now...


Don't ask. I didn't.
I'll let you know if they go out to get a perm.
Thursday Favorite Things


  1. We always washed and braided our horses tails to get them to be curly. We spent hours on getting them all pretty. They were such nice horses they never minded the beauty treatments. It is cute to see that.
    Me too, I tried everything to get curls. Shiny hair too. I would wash my hair in Tide and then rinse with cider vinegar. I remember my Dad complaining about it smelling like a salad in the bathroom.
    I remember putting baby oil in my hair and sitting in the sun. I almost didn't get that out.
    Did you ever get the hot rollers so stuck in your hair that your Mom would have to cut them out? I did that too.

  2. That's too funny. :)

    I've been blessed with curly hair, and cursed it for years, blow-drying it straight at every opportunity. Until I moved to damp Oregon, and had no choice but to embrace the lion's mane that is my hair. Lol.

  3. I must admit to braiding Pippin's mane last week, only because it was really warm and I thought he might be more comfortable with his heavy hair caught up in a french braid. When I took it out his mane was in cute curls. But, I don't normally spend too much time fussing with the horses' manes and tails, or even my own hair, for that matter!

    I do have curly hair - which I never appreciated until about 10 years ago!

  4. A girl is suppose to have fun with her horse and that includes curling the tail and mane.....I just love it when gals love spending time with their horse; brings back wonderful memories.....

  5. wow. That's totally not my world. We live in a town, not city, and have dogs, a cat, ferrets, etc but not a horse. Would love that. Nice visiting. Linda

    1. A lovely tale indeed. I mean tail. lol JB

  6. I have American Curly horses, some of them have dreadlock manes and tails as well as fetlocks and ears. What a pain to comb out!

  7. LOL, very cute. I never curled my horse's tail, but he did get the mane braided before shows.

  8. My mother always loved my curly hair. Me? Not so much. There were so many different remedies that I tried over the many years. Now i just wear it short and I'm thankful it's thick.

  9. Hahaha! Awesome!

    It's funny how we want the opposite of what we have. I'd love to have straight hair for a while. Or should I just say I would love to have non-frizzy hair for a while, lol! The humidity here just frizzes up my curly hair, sigh.

  10. I love it! I can just see you with your 'poodle' hair. Why? Because I did it too! LOL You're probably right not to ask. :)

  11. Oh, how sweet! What's next? Pink? :)

  12. I LOVE her curly tail, very cute! :)


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