Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 35

Welcome friends! I apologize for being a bit late getting this post up. The closest I got to my laptop today was when our German Shepherd got caught in the cord and I had to move it. I'm now home after a busy day of errands and music lessons.

Welcome to my new followers. I'm both humbled and pleased that you would choose to be part of my little farm blog. Thank you for following, and welcome!

Here are the questions for today's hop.
  1. What's your favorite clock- digital or an old fashioned face with hands?
  2. What's your favorite type of bird?
  3. How do you feel about being in front of people? This could include meetings, speeches, performing, or just saying something at a party. 
  4. What's the last item of clothing that you purchased?
  5. Please give me a caption or a Wendell quote for this picture.

My answers:
  1. I really like an old fashioned clock. Digital clocks work well for time when you need a quick glance, like in the car. Did I ever tell you that I'm slightly time challenged, and C.S.Farmer sets the clocks ahead so I will be on time?
  2. I love song birds. Cardinals are so pretty. I'm fond of morning doves too.
  3. I used to shiver in my boots! Speeches in elementary school freaked me out. In high school, all of that changed. My family always participated in community theater, and it seemed easier than being in front of school peers. By college, I loved being in front of people an still do. I was the coordinator for a dinner at our church. I wanted people to RSVP so I could get an idea of amounts for food. I dressed like a fairy (the silly kind- not a vision of beauty), all decked out with wings, a flower crown, and a wand. After service, during the announcement time, I made my announcement from the front of the church. I recited a really silly rhyme that basically threatened to poof them with my wand if they didn't reply soon. The entire room laughed uncontrollably and they clapped. "There's one in every crowd," as my mother used to always say.
  4. I bought a beautiful blue formal at the thrift shop Saturday for my singer daughter. She was so happy when I brought it home, and it fit great!
  5. "I hope they don't expect  me to lay eggs now!"



  1. I think Wendall is sending out vibes that say "Don't even think about it"...in regards to his food.....They seem alittle fearful of Wendall's gruff attitude.... I hope he will soften toward his new buddies.....

  2. Cute questions and cute answers. Love your #3 and just imagined it all taking place as I read your answer. I'm still planning to participate in this one Tuesday soon.

  3. I think Wendall is just keeping an eye on those chickens - they might get something he wants!

  4. I loved your fairy story. I'd never be so brave. :)

    Have a great week!

  5. I was laughing just reading about you in your fairy get up giving that speech! Priceless! Thanks for emailing me that website. We're going to look it over tonight!

  6. Thanks again for doing these questions when I know you are really busy.
    They always help me post.
    Have a lovely week.

  7. Now I'm trying to imagine you all decked out with wand, etc :) I find that when we're having fun with the people in front of us, standing up and speaking is pretty darn easy.

  8. Hi Patrice! I had so much fun participating today and getting to know others - thank you for taking the time to do this! I had to LOL at your mother's saying ... there certainly is one in every crowd and the world needs 'em!! Congrats on finding a formal for your daughter! I too love thrift stores, they're so much fun! I pray you have a blessed week!

    In Him~

  9. What wonderful answers sweetie!!! I can just see ya all dressed in your best fairy outfit winnin' the crowd!!! I bet ya rocked!!!

    God bless ya and have yourself a magnificent day!!! :o)


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