Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday Morning Draft Horse Parade- Sort of

We woke this morning to the following words, "Daddy, Wendell is up near the greenhouse. Oops! The greenhouse is just outside of our house. So is the laying hen house, studio, and farm store. Notice that horses aren't on that list? The barns and living areas for horses, pigs, and broiler chickens are about 100 yards away. I'd like to flatter myself and say that Wendell missed me, but I think he was enthralled with the green grass and the smell of freedom.

The grass really is much greener near the house. (Notice Ricky's fuzzy winter coat.)

And the carrots are much oranger! Notice that old Ricky doesn't have on a halter.
That makes it extremely hard to catch him to walk him back. He's mostly blind, so
he is afraid of things around him, especially when his sidekick, Rocky isn't around.

All of a sudden, Ricky took off for the barn. Unlike other times, he didn't run off
down the road, but he went the way we'd have him go.

Wendell, being the sneaky guy he is, had to be led by D3 and her supply of kerits. :)

This shows why Ricky took off towards the barns. Rocky was outside the
first set of barns, attached to C.S.Farmer. Rocky spent his free time running
in and out of the horse barn, probably checking out the hay  and grain supply.

As my mom used to say- all's well that ends well!


  1. I see why they went after the green grass. Their pasture is so brown!

  2. They just needed to spread their wings which led to greener grass...They are tired of the dark days too....Do you think Wendell was behind the escape?

    Such a sweet read...because I do love horses so much and so enjoy reading about their antics....

    1. I'm more than happy to share our horses with you on this blog. They are such characters!

  3. now, those 2 could leave some serious dents in the yard! zim leaves terrible ruts in mine when he jumps the cattle guard. i can only imagine these guys!

  4. It's good that horses don't usually run too far away from home.

  5. I so know the instant blood pressure elevation when you first realize animals are NOT where they are supposed to be. glad everyone was so cooperative. I remember once, the cows got out while Steve and his dad were at a lunch meeting in an area with poor reception. When his mom and I finally got a hold of him, I asked him how many cows he had at this particular pasture, and he said he THOUGHT there were 15. THOUGHT???? I paused, then said, "Well, then I THINK we found them all." Crazy farmers!

    1. Animals tend to get out more when the farmer is away. They are also really good at difficult births then too!"If it doesn't kill you, it makes you stronger!"

  6. That sweet Petals told me that ya weren't feelin' well and I just wanted to pop in with some big old Ozark hugs and healin' prayers for ya.

    Take care and feel better sweetie.

    God bless and enjoy your day!!! :o)

  7. I am glad that everyone is now where they should be, silly horses they were just looking for the grass that was greener on the other side of the fence. :)

  8. Those crafty devils! LOL Your farm is so beautiful!


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