Friday, January 27, 2012

Our Trip to Disney World with Murphy's Law

Dueling Cameras
My best advice for anyone visiting Disney World would be two thoughts. The first was how much fun we had with kids 17, 15, 13, and 9 while those around us had fussy little ones in strollers, sunburned infants, and tantrum filled toddlers. I am convinced that many of these parents feel that they are supposed to take the kids that young because these are things for little ones. I disagree. There seemed to be plenty of adults there with no kids. They were still outnumbered, excessively and dangerously by strollers! Those things can be lethal with an exhausted, grumpy parents at the helm. My kids will not only remember this, but we all got to enjoy ourselves.

My second thought- leave Murphy home! Tie him up in the basement or whatever it takes.Note, if your name is Murphy, please do no harm to your relatives. Children, please do not try this at home. And Mrs, Murphy, if you're tired of the old guy, please do not use my advice to stick him in the basement. I am referring to Murphy's Law! When six of us boarded the planes I was unaware of the presence of our traveling companion, Mr. Murphy.

I suspected the sneaky old Mr. Murphy was with us when I took my youngest to the restroom on the plane. I stood outside of the restroom because its spacious size was too overwhelming for me. Besides, that's what good mommies do. A few minutes later a chubby little girl with long stringy hair approached the flight attendant standing next to me. I noticed her grey coloring and knew I had to get D4 out of the restroom quickly. The child looked at the attendant and said, "I feel sick". Two second later she was throwing up down my pant leg and into my shoe. My compassion waned as I wished she'd had a parachute. The flight attendants gathered around her. Where was mom? They oooed and cooed, told her it was alright and tried to make her comfortable. Appropriate, but there I was. As soon as D4 opened the door, I pushed her aside so she wouldn't slip. There was no passage, so we huddled in the doorway of the bathroom. Mom appeared and said things like oh, ah, perhaps even, duh. I reached for paper towels and used enough foaming anti- bacterial soap to account for my ticket price. I smeared it liberally on my pant leg and shoe. I was grossed out! Sorry if I grossed you out.

Move two hours ahead to the airport. I rented a car from Hertz and it was delivered to  the curb right in front of me by a friendly employee. It was a spanking new Town and Country mini van with all  the bells and whistles, except the GPS that would have saved me from myself over and over during the week. Duh! As I sat behind the driver's seat, I handed the rental packet, needed to get out of the rental lot to my sister. I dug in my wallet for my drivers' license which I also had to present to leave the property with the car. I put the license on a small tray in the console between the two front seats. I watched it slide away, reaching for it just as it slid into the interior of the console. I ran after the employee  who'd brought me the car and told him my tale of woe. He was kind and willing to help. An hour or so later, with the total attention of three employees, my license was found. I thanked them over and over. I got back in and went to the "exit" gate. The man asked for my license- got it! He also asked for paperwork. I was concerned when my sister asked, "What paperwork?" I was ready to go home right then and there. Did I tell you that C.S.Farmer had to drive us to my sister's house so my other sister could take us  all to the airport(because my beloved truck was dead in my driveway)? After a search for papers, they were eventually found. My sister opened the door, stood up, and they fell out. Now I had to drive in a strange city, in a strange van, with yucky jeans.

Rather than have this post resemble the literary length of War and Peace, I will give you the short on the next two days with the darned Murphy.
Day One:
  • My truck was dead- we had to get to airport.
  • Kid threw up on me in plane.
  • Lost license. I swear the darned  thing moved like it had a life of its own!
  • Got big time lost on the way to the hotel.
  • Child forgot toothbrush. Front desk said they had everything we could need. Oh- no toothbrushes today. :(
  • When we entered the room, floor tiles in the hall weren't even in the spaces they belonged and sharp pieces of grout were all over the place. Company vision test for housekeeping in the future?
  • I had  to get to Whole Foods because of food allergies- got  lost! GPS_ regrets!!!!!!
  • Returned to hotel and went to cook- family starved- Teflon pans that were all ripped up. I made dinner in a tiny 1 qt. pot (had to cook four times to feed all)!
  • Desperate for a shower by now. I was exhausted, drying hair while sitting on the edge of the master bed. I started itching wildly. I was wheezing within a few minutes. I heard a boom outside an knew we could see Disney's fireworks from the hotel. I ran to the sliding glass doors and threw open the curtain to find gobs of black mold- terribly allergic!
  • Some of the kids were already asleep, so we would have the hotel move us in the morning. Sister didn't care about mold, so I slept on the couch. There were no spare blanket and housekeeping would wake the kids, so I piled beach towels on top of me and wheezed myself to sleep

Day Two:
  • We were moved to a much cleaner room that I thoroughly inspected before accepting. I wanted to return the pass key/card to the front desk, and found that the room door would not open to let us out.  We were locked in the room. I called for help. Maintenance got the door opened and proved that it could be opened again. Very technical, I know, but the thing-a-majiggy got stuck in the whats-it!
  • A daughter desperately wanted to help after all I'd been through, so she loaded the dishwasher with  all of the dishes we would use. She didn't know not to use liquid dish soap. The maintenance guy didn't even make it to the elevator without seeing me again! "It happens all the time!"
  • We proceeded to Sea World. The day was going much better. We went to see a show with seals and really cute guys dressed like pirates. Not that my daughters noticed! :) Yes, dear, there were seals! We save a seat for D1 and my sister while they went for something to eat (they were  the only ones without food allergies). A woman proceeded to push her way into the seats and was very hostile when I sweetly explained that we were saving them. I'm no redneck, just an ex-cop, but  a few moments of conversation had me expecting her to swing first. I was polite at all times, but she was ferocious. I refused to engage, and she stomped off. If she had swung, I would have been victim and she  would have left with the nice officers- I know  this game! Two minutes later my two family members returned. I wanted to go away from this crazy place called Orlando!
  • Bedtime was welcomed for my weary body. I was still wheezing. I slept in a room with D2 and two twin beds. It was an okay room, but the bed went crunch-really loud whenever I moved. Even a little turn. Getting up for the bathroom probably woke  the entire floor of the hotel! 
I am pleased to announce that the mold must have taken the life of Mr. Murphy's Law, because the rest of the trip was uneventful! Except for my need for GPS!

A special thanks to the people at Hertz. Your employees are awesome!

*** I was not compensated for this post in anyway when I mention Hertz, but I will gladly complain about poor service and praise that which is good. Go. Hertz!


  1. Lordy, have mercy, what a story! I couldn't help but laugh as I read it but I can assure you that I would have been doing anything but laughing if I had been the one experiencing all of this. But, glad you can at least say it was a good time.

    Blessings for a wonderful weekend!

  2. Well that was entertaining!!--for us at least!! And of course the story continues.......someday we'll laugh about this....oh dear!! Vacations are so restful !!!

  3. Well, oh, hmmm, gee.... what can a person say! What a terrible start to the trip... It seems that with everything beginning so terribly, at least things couldn't get worse, right?!
    I so totally agree with you about taking small children to Disney. We went when our son was 8 months old. Watching other families we decided we would not return until he was 10. At 8 months, things were actually great - he fell asleep in the stroller when he was tired. He couldn't walk away. We enjoyed our visit. Of course, he had no recollection. But... once they are mobile, then you get the whining and crying and exhausted kids.

  4. Oh... I forgot to say how much I admire your fortitude. Had I been barfed on, I probably would have followed suit... perhaps even throughout the day. Yeeeuckkk!

  5. Oh man, what a trip. After a while you just have to start laughing about one more thing going wrong. :-)

  6. Oh. My. God. I have never laughed so hard. I am sooooooooo sorry you had that type of trip - but, isn't that how most family trips go.

    WOW. Just WOW.

    *giggle*.. I swear.. I need to book mark this one, and read it when I have a bad day and remember, I am not alone. ;-)

  7. Oh wow, you're story about the throw-up on the plane definitely hit me. Few years ago, had an 8 year old boy do that. Upsetting, but how do you get mad at a little kid!

  8. I sympathize with you. I used to get lost finding my way out of a paper bag. But no more, I now have Garmin (my GPS escort) and she never leads me astray. Garmin and I have traveled thousand of miles together and she is the perfect companion, just giving me help when I need it. As for Murphy--well, I got rid of my Murphy, he was nothing but trouble. Have a good day
    Marti Murphy

  9. OH MY! I'm glad all ended well! It's not really a vacation if you come back all stressed out worse than when you left! DO you have a smart phone? I think you can get GPS on it, but I'm not sure if there is a fee for that. Whew! Bet you were happy to see your own bed!

  10. Oh dear me, what a lot of stressful experiences on one trip. I must say that it makes for a great story to post. Just think of how many other bad experiences that happens all the time, every day to people with small kids even on their Disney World trips. You have learned some great traveling experiences and I thank you for sharing them with us. JB

  11. Ha! You just wrote a post about why I avoid airplanes, hotels, theme parks and people. LOL

  12. Soooo funny. So glad the rest of the trip was great. Hugs, Ginger

  13. I had so much fun reading your posts. I am now following.

  14. Too!!! I can never sleep very well in a new place, but that place sounded pretty bad! :S Glad the rest of the vacation was much better!!!!

  15. LOL what an experience. I agree that having little ones in WDW can be a big inconvenience but in my case, we made sure to bring our tots ages 3 and 5 coz we can't afford to leave them home while me, my hubby and my 13 year old is enjoying LOL. It's still quite an experience. =)

  16. Lol, what a beginning to a trip, surprised you didnot throw your hands up and want to go home. Sorry should not laugh at your bad luckand very glad it got better. I still hear my Mom and Dad saying the exact same thing about waiting until the children were older to go. They enjoy it so much more as do the parents. Take care and this was a good read as always. Thanks!


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