Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Mating Habits of Flying Pigs

This is Hamlet. He's a Hampshire pig. He came to our farm to be the daddy to future generations. That may be a daunting task for him, since he's a few months younger than he should be for his assignment. This picture makes him look small, but he is a pretty good size by now. The sows (future mommies) are huge, with the exception of Rosie May. She is still much bigger, but Pumpkin and Nutmeg make him seem small. Then there is Bertha- read BIG BERTHA. If she was a Great Dane, he would be a Yorkie!

Hamlet has been in the pen with the girls. We thought it would be a good idea for him to get used to them. At first, he was afraid of them. Then cupid struck him with an arrow! He figured out what his job was. He has been wining and dining the sows. He whispers sweet nothings in their ears. The three sows are his romantic interest. Then, there's Bertha. After calling the local fire department to see if they could loan him a ladder, he finally decided Where there's a will-there's a way. Almost! After unsuccessfully attempting to breed with Bertha, he decided that he needed a running start. He went to the far side of the pen and ran towards her full force. His romantic intentions were flying with him! SMACK- he hit the sow and bounced off. Picture Big Bertha looking around saying, "My the mosquitoes are big this winter!" After a few attempts at running romance, he has decided to wait until he's a bit taller. He has also notified us that we named him after the wrong Shakespearean work. He wishes to be named Romeo. Air Romeo!

Hamlet: I love you girls.
Nutmeg: Did someone say something?
Pumpkin: The little guy said something about love.
Nutmeg: Great. Pass the feed.
Rosie: Not now, Hammie. I need to get to the food. Move over Pumpkin. You pig!
Hamlet: I love you Bertha. Be mine.
Bertha: You sound like a Valentine, you fool. I'll be yours when pigs fly.
Hamlet: Yay! I'm working on it. :)


  1. Tee-hee, love the romantic dialog!

  2. I am still laughing and I can't stop...This is sooo funny....Girlfriend, you have a way with words and I love it when you tell us the events in the life of your animals.....
    I wish Hamlet success in his quest for love....

  3. Ahahaha! This was hilarious. How I wish I room for piggies.

  4. I can go on about my day's work as I've now had my morning laugh! Poor Hamlet!

  5. Ya gotta feel sorry for the guy! Great Post - and grow fast, Hamlet!

  6. Oh Patrice, this is so funny. It got me laughing out loud when I read that SMACK... I love the pig's dialogue.

    We have a young bull I named Big Boy for those moments when the breeder is not available or if a cow is difficult to get pregnant but so far I'm not sure if he's been successful as the cows beat up on him too. He tries but they seem to laugh at him the poor guy. He graded Good + but they don't think that he's good enough for them. Time will tell.

    Sorry, I haven't been answering your questions on the porch as life has been so busy. I'm on the computer much less these days and getting more quilting done. I still read all the blogs though. Just wanted you to know. Hugs. JB

  7. Aww, poor piggie- such a funny tale! I'm sure one of the gals will have mercy on him soon.

  8. So very funny, poor Hamlet all that love and no one wants it poor little fellow.

  9. Too cute! I can just see this all transpiring. May The Force be with Hamlet! ;-)


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