Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 28

A week in bed with the flu gave me lots of time to read blogs. I really enjoyed spending time visiting some old friends and making some new ones. I'd like to welcome new followers. This weekly chat is my way of having an online community. There is a regular group that meets here every week. I use five questions as "ice breakers" just to get the conversation going. Everyone links up their answers and we enjoy visiting each other's blogs. I should warn you that there is a pesty, but lovable horse that hangs around the porch too. That's my horse, Wendell. He's obsessed with carrots and really enjoys attention. The folks who come to chat have been so nice to Wendell, that he seldom misses their visits. Got any carrots? Hush, Wendell! I'm telling folks some nice things about you!

I appreciate the kind comments regarding my vacation pictures. I seldom go anywhere, so this has been a big deal to me. In twenty years of marriage  I have been to a cattle expo, a youth group rally,my sister's beach house three times, Upstate New York, and Walmart! Owning a farm means that someone has to be home with the animals. I suppose veggie only farmers don't have that problem off season. Henry, we can't leave the broccoli to go on vacation. We'll just take it with us! Can I go too? Hush, Wendell. You had a vacation earlier last week when you ran away to the greenhouses. Oh, I forgot. I didn't even get a t-shirt or ears on a headband. You have ears already, sweetheart. Oh, yeah. That's right. I forgot. Do I still get a headband? Wen!

  1. Joyful Keeper asks, "What makes you smile a happy,content smile in the course of a day?"
  2. My Kid's Mom asks, "Are you married, single, or divorced?"
  3. Empty Nester asks, " Do you have any home remedies for allergy or the common cold?"
  4. Stephanie asks, "How many different addresses did you have growing up?"
  5. I've just recently realized_____________________.
My answers:
  1. Seeing my kids interact with great kindness towards each other, or other people.
  2. Married:)
  3. I have a ton of home remedies and I use them all often. They are such a normal part of our life that my girls will just start using some of them if they feel something coming on. Here goes part of the list:  For allergies- They say that using raw local honey helps, almost like allergy shots. It's true! I have also found a number of homeopathic remedies for allergies and they have really helped. I love, LOVE homeopathy. It has been around for much longer than our current day medicines and I don't feel like a guinea pig for pharmaceutical companies (and their wallets). I highly recommend a good homeopathy book. I have a really basic one called Medicine Moms, by Arlene Uhl. You might find it online. It isn't just for moms with young kids, but every mom who wants good health should have a copy. For colds- The very minute we feel one coming on, we take Manuka Honey. It's a bit pricey, but it has stopped a cold dead in its tracks many times for our family. It's made from honey that bees make from the Tea Tree (as in tea tree oil), so it is very astringent. It's awesome for the first sign of a sore throat. You can get it at most health food stores, vitamin stores, and Whole Foods. (You can also get it from Vitacost. If you sign up under me, we both get a great coupon. Email me if interested.) The next thing I do is use Silver Shield by Natures Sunshine. Visit Natures Sunshine and check it out. I use it for all kind of things with great success. I also juice lots of greens and healthy veggies to give my body the extra it needs to fight. I have an interesting interview about juicing.
  4. I had two addresses in two different states, but lived in the second one for a very long time and my family still lives there. (They remodeled the house to the point of almost not being able to recognize it. Excuse me, where's my house- says my inner child.)
  5. I just recently realized that I've lost a ton of weight. I used to get ready to go out and I'd have a pile of "Grrrrr" clothes. Those were the ones that made me growl and say things  that weren't so nice when I didn't fit in them. Now I have pile  that are too big. I have not been dieting or even cutting down. I have been juicing (see question 3). I have been detoxing my body as I juice. I have less of a sweet tooth and I just feel healthier (except for the flu that I picked up in Orlando). I recently read that your body cannot lose weight as well if it's holding on to toxins. Think about it, the fat cells hold toxins. Anyhoo- I'm no doctor, or health professional. I'm just an unemployed chef who is about to need a new wardrobe. Fortunately, we have a wonderful thrift shop nearby where some lovely soul drops off Coldwater Creek clothes in my size!
Have a wonderful rest of the week 
and come back to Everyday Ruralty soon!


  1. I really enjoyed this, Patrice! There is something about your life.. just makes it all seem.. I don't know - very fulfilling, even without a lot of travel. ;-)

  2. Hi Patrice, I love these posts because they help me to get to know you better. I am also passing it onto my two grown daughters because with 9 kids between them, bugs come around alot and knowing about the honey helps. WE all also juice but more in the warmer weather. My oldest daughter has a cow-for beef-but we decided not to get a goat because you can't leave unless someone is willing to take care of it and milk it two-three times a day. Glad you are feeling better. Blessings to you.

  3. Great questions, kudos to you and loosing weight!! I bet that feels good.

  4. Woohoo on the weight loss! Shopping for new clothes makes me do what your "GRR" clothes make you do because they are all "GRR" clothes for me. I'm in between sizes at the moment: one size is too small but the next size up is too big. GRR :) My curves are in all the wrong places. Forty pounds to goal for me! If I keep reading posts like this from you, I might get brave enough to drink veggies again.

    About the honey from the tea tree...does it taste anything like the tea tree oil smells? I can't imagine ingesting it if so. The first time I used tea tree oil was on a spider bite. As is the course with a recluse bite, it opened like the Grand Canyon and, although I know better, I associate that opening with the use of the tea tree oil. Now, I'm a 'fraidy cat when it comes to tea tree oil.

    I enjoyed the visit on your porch today. I hope that you have a great day!

  5. Suzanne- I am very familiar with tea tree and the smell. The honey isn't like regular honey, but I don't really associate it with that strong smell of tea tree oil. I am also very familiar with the bite of a brown recluse. D1 has had two. The first one was horrible. You're right when you say that they open up like the Grand Canyon. The fever was pretty bad too. Our doctor said that the CDC says there aren't any in our area. The doctor was laughing when she said it, because she has been bitten by one a few years ago.

    Thanks Farm Girl, Nana, and Nicole!

  6. Great that you've lost weight without even trying to. Wish I could do that!

  7. Hooray for you on losing weight! It makes perfect sense why you can't drop excess pounds because of toxins. I've been eating lots of citrus fruit for several weeks now and this seems to help a lot. I also find for me, it's best to not eat dinner when I can. Usually during the week, if I eat a nice breakfast and lunch then by the time the evening meal rolls around then a piece of fruit is all I need, if any thing.

  8. Agreed on the natural, homemade remedies. They've been around for so long it's hard to believe that they aren't the best.
    Good for you on having to get new clothes. That's a great problem to have. I lost weight the same way you did - by accident. I just changed to more healthy eating: almost no sugar, low sodium and low carbs. Lots of fruit, veg and fibre. Something clicked for me.

    Check out my blog: McGuffy's Reader!

  10. Thanks for mentioning the book- I'm going to check it out! My 'toobigforme' pile is growing. Slowly. But it's growing!

  11. Thank you for stopping by my blog this morning. Next time bring Wendell with you! My good friend's daughter has a horse farm. Like you, she has a hard time, getting away even for a few hours.

  12. Girl, I'm glad your feelin' better...the flu just plain old stinks!!!

    I too use a heap of natural remedies. I tell ya Farm Boy and I gasp at those side effects on those drug commercials. We're thinkin' that the cure is worse than the disease. Then a couple years down the road ya hear it's killin' people.

    God bless ya sweetie and have yourself one magnificent day!!! :o)


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