Friday, January 6, 2012

Bad Form in the Saddle

Today was beautiful! I ended the evening with a walk. I needed to talk to Wendell about something anyway. As I was walking back to the barn, I ran across D3 on Molly. My comment to her was:
 "That's an interesting form in the saddle."

She moved a bit in the saddle and answered me:
"Is this better?"
There are days that I think D3 could stand on her head in the saddle and Molly would do exactly what she's supposed to!

I wanted to show you these photos.

Molly has a French Braided tail.

Molly is learning to stand, untied when D3 dismounts. 
She's doing quite well.

This is all the attention I got from the big boy tonight.
He was far more interested in grazing.

Have a great weekend!


  1. i wish i had your D3's talent with horses and riding! :)

  2. Your D3 is an amazing girl and very talented... That's a beautiful french braid on Wendell. JB

  3. I love it, I love it....If you have visited me, then you know I love horses......I had them for quite a while before my last one, Casey, got bladder cancer and well you know.....I touch them every chance I get; there's nothing like a horse.....

    It makes my heart smile when I see a young one so natural on a horse as is your the french braided tail and I am sure Molly loves the attention....

    I dream of horses so ride some for me...

  4. I love the braided tail! Molly wears it well. Happy weekend!

  5. Molly is worth her weight in gold.

  6. What a great horse. It looks like a nice evening. I hope you have a nice weekend too.
    Thanks for stopping by tonight.
    I have had babies here all day so I am just getting around tonight.

  7. D3 sounds a lot like DoodleBug. A rather clever retort- "Is this better?" LOL

    Hug Wendell for me!

  8. I always say that girls that love horses and super smart!

  9. Hahha....she and my daughter should get together!:)))

  10. Snicker.... that would have been me a bunch of years ago...sitting sideways and coming up with an alternative like that! Cute!
    I LOVE Wendell! He's just a Pippin in a bigger size!

  11. Oh boy does that bring back memories, wonderful thing the relationship between a girl and her horse. Thank you for sharing.


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