Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Animals at Sea World

I really liked the animals at Sea World. I would have loved to bring a seal home. Wendell would not have liked him barking, but he was begging for fish. Maybe I can explain that by comparing fish to carrots. That definitely won't work with the farmer. Oh, well. It was fun seeing the seals and feeding them.

?? Anybody know?

Sea Turtle


We have them where we live. They land
on the back of the cattle and eat flies. It
really freaks the cattle at first, but they get used to
it just in time for them to leave for the year.

Victim of one of the hairdressers nearby!

"Face it Wendell- I'm cute!"


"Feed me!!!"

Thanks for letting me share!


  1. Hi Patrice! I think the white beauty is an ibis.
    You took pictures of some of my favorites! Seals ARE adorable. Baby seals = precious!
    How fun! We are going to Disneyland for my spring break. I look forward to sauntering around taking pictures of the architecture and the flowers. I love the "wheeeeeeeee" rides, too! I'm glad you guys had such a good time and thank you for sharing!

  2. Hi Patrice! That was me above. My daughter must have used my computer yesterday! Ha ha! Anyway, hello from Pom Pom!

  3. It's an Ibis. We have them at the pond. There are 6 of them and they are always together. I love seals too! They are really cute! But Wendell is cuter! :)

  4. great shots. :) love the crazy-hair.

  5. Nice pics- looks like you had an enjoyable time.

  6. Sea World is one of my favorites. We used to take 8th graders there every year - so I've been there many times - and with my family, too.
    The seal and sea lion shows are great. I do love them, too. I once read a book about a family that raised a seal pup. I wanted one in the worst way. But, they never talked about how stinky they can be!!

  7. Sea world was the BEST!! I would love going back there-Disney you can have! Although it's true -I took my girls as teenagers and it was much funner!-then if they had been younger! I can never figure out why people think young children will last better at Disney then they do at the grocery store?! LOL

  8. Thanks for sharing those great pictures I was at Sea World in 1966 while on our Honeymoon. JB

  9. What wonderful pictures!! The seals are my favorites - I want to take one of them home!!!

  10. It's a White Ibis. We see them a lot on our coasts here in Florida. I love Sea World! My high school graduation ceremony was held in the amphitheater at Sea World Orlando. I could spend all day watching the animals!

  11. I concur, your mystery bird is a a White Ibis. Such lovely photos showing what a great time was had! Love the seals too :o)

  12. Yes, Sea World is always fun! I love the bird having a bad hair day. The seals would be fun, but they are a bit noisy.

  13. Thank you for sharing you great pictures, lovely birds! I do think your right, Wendall's nose would likely be put out of shape if you brought a seal home, but they sure are cute.

  14. I am enjoying my trip with you. Thanks for taking me along. Ginger

  15. Looks like you had lots of fun!!! Looked like beautful weather too!!! So nice you got to get away. :)


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