Monday, December 12, 2011

Piggy Photo Shot

My dear daughter, D3, takes some great photos. I want you to see our newest pigs and she got some good shots of  them one day recently. They move so quickly that you almost need a video camera to catch a picture of them. I went out to get some shots in low light and they were nothing but a blur. A squealing blur of little pigs!
Togetherness at dinnertime.


Straw is an important accessory in the wardrobe of a pig.

Racing stripes?

We were concerned  that the pigs had gotten out, but they had made 
their way into a hay bale for a nap.

Have a great week- oink!


  1. They are wonderful ! Thanks for sharing!! Great photography!

  2. very cute! she did a great and cameras go hand in hand...i love seeing what mine come back with. take care.

  3. Oh did I enjoy the pictures. I can just see you all worrying that the piglets got out and then finding them in the hay bale. Too funny! I love how the "pig in the hay bale" pic got edited.

  4. Pig = Adorable

    That first shot is my favorite...togetherness indeed:)

  5. these are too cute!!! rabble-rousers! way to go, D3!

  6. Awwwww! Love the hay bale shot!

    My word verification is hogruto.... just what those guys did with the hay bale, right?!

  7. What great photos! I love pigs and yours are just perfect :o)

  8. Nothing quite like young pigs, cute and curious. D3 takes some great shots. Hope your Christmas preparations are going well.

  9. Lovely pictures. They are lovely pigs.


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