Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch (would be very wet today)

I hope this edition of Chats finds everyone happy, well fed, and more relaxed than we all were while Christmas shopping. I have enjoyed seeing houses with lights as we've driven at night. The best lights are those that welcome us when we drive up our driveway. The Christmas tree lights can easily be seen from our front windows. 

It was almost a mess this year. Our artificial tree is quite old and I decided to replace it. Before I could even look for one at stores, I stumbled upon one at our church yard sale. All I noticed when I bought it was the fact that it was pre-lit and it was only four dollars. I put it in storage and forgot all about my quest to replace our old tree. I was sure that was all taken care of. WRONG! That's for sure. Wendell, I didn't ask you, dear! As I was saying, I pulled out the tree after Thanksgiving and discovered that it was only 4 feet tall and skimpy- very skimpy. Oops! Oops!Wendell... The tree had white lights on the bottom and multi-colored lights on the bottom. It looked terrible. You could see it from the pasture. Heck, I almost lost my oats! Wendell! I will eat all the carrots by myself if you don't stop interrupting. You will? Yes. Now may I continue? As long as you don't eat all of the carrots. Okay.

After kind suggestions, mild criticisms of the tree, and begging, I brought the old tree out. It's a bit old, but the splendor of its seven foot height and the fullness of the branches made me glad that I had not dropped it off at the charity store when I discovered the other tree. I'm happier with our old tree than I ever could have imagined. Sometimes the old  things and the comfortable outweigh the need (want) for new.

Questions for this week's chat:
  1. Who makes the best cookies in your family?
  2. What was the most satisfying or pleasing thing about Christmas 2011?
  3. How many photo did you take while your family was together for Christmas? Tons? A few? What pictures?
  4. Do you have a fireplace, wood stove, or pellet stove?
  5. What time did you get up on Christmas morning?
My answers:
  1. It's a tie. My girls are pretty good at baking. 
  2. I enjoyed our Christmas Eve service at church. I also loved seeing the face of my youngest when she opened her big gift ( an 18" doll with her own horse).
  3. A few. My brother in law takes so many during family get togethers that we all hide. He even photographs family while eating. If you play those videos without the sound, we all look like chickens pecking at our dinner. Different.
  4. We have a pellet stove. It's much cleaner than when we had a wood stove, but it requires purchasing lots of pellets.
  5. We had four daughters bounce on our bed at around 7. I remember getting up too early as a kid and being sent back to bed for a while.
Have a wonderful week.
Happy New Year!


  1. Hmmm. I think I'm THAT photographer.
    I like Wendell's comments! Merry Christmas (still!)

  2. We were out with family very late on Christmas Eve, so our kids didn't even wake up until 11am! Seriously! We have a wood stove. I do like it, though it is a bit messy. We did try a pellet stove, but ended up buying way more pellets than anticipated. Not fun.

  3. I am glad someone is getting weather. It sounds like you had such a nice Christmas.
    So glad you posted Chats. I had no idea tomorrow was Wednesday!

  4. I'm like that with pictures too. Everyone is so used to me that they don't complain though! At least most of the time they don't complain. LOL

    We're finally getting some cold weather! Next week the highs will be in the low 50s--when they are in the 40s I'll be a happy camper!

    Hugs to all! Especially Wendell the wonder horse!

  5. Hi there Patrice. Thanks for your comment on my blog.

    I love how Wendell can be controlled with carrots. He's such a character, he should have his very own blog, lol...

    I'm glad that you kept the old tree. With the decorations it looks very nice and no one would have noticed the missing needles anyway.Your tree is beautiful.

    I've checked the mailbox and there is no book yet in the mailbox. I'll let you know as soon as I get it. Maybe the mail is late today. It's raining cats and dogs and the snow is almost all gone. Just the snowbanks left.
    Hugs, JB

  6. Oh, I'm so sorry about the 'new' tree! Maybe you should put it down at the barn for Wendell... maybe if it was HIS tree he'd have a different perspective!

    I'm going to join the chat from my other blog later today!

  7. I love to have "chats on the farmhouse porch"! With coffee, of course.

    Come visit me sometime over at Heritage Creek.

    Happy New Year!

  8. Love your tree story. We still use my mom and dad's old one circa 1989, and it looks just grand! I did find a littler one at a garage sale for the sun room. I don't think I've shared that one on the blog. I've been so busy chasing my tail this whole month! Did get my Christmas present sent to South Carolina. Hope it was there for Christmas. Now to write some Thank You's before the New Year hits! Happy New Year to you and your family and critters!

  9. Since I'm the only baker, I guess I make the best cookies, and I'm the one that photographs the most. I got a new camera this year. heh heh.
    Most satisfying was that I never got in a state of depression this year at Christmas so I was able the enjoy it all.

    We have none of the above. We have a wood furnace.

    We got up at around 7am also.

    What is that linky thing at the end of your post?


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