Thursday, December 15, 2011

Celebrating a Special Lady

Today I remember a very special friend. It would have been her birthday today. It happens to be Jane Austen's birthday, and while I enjoy her writing immensely, she is not the friend I'm writing about today. This friend was not as famous, but she was also a writer.

About eight years ago, my daughter, then eight years old, announced she had a new friend. I was happy that her time in Sunday School allowed her to make a friend. When she asked if I wanted to meet her, she went through the people at coffee hour and took the hand of a small elderly woman. As they walked towards me, I noticed  that they were almost the same size. This was not the pig-tailed little girl that I thought my child had met, but she had the same sweet quality in her smile. I was introduced by my daughter and I enjoyed a lovely conversation with the woman. It turns out that she had been a journalist, like my mother. She was a friendly person who I knew was special from that moment.

As the years passed, my daughter and this woman enjoyed a special bond. The woman was like a grandmother to my sweet girl. She even came to birthday parties. I loved watching the two of them together.
The woman encouraged my young daughter to dream. At the time, my daughter dreamed of one day playing a harp. That dream went on for a while, and it is now being realized. It's too late for the little woman to hear her play. The woman left her life here way too early for me. It was way too early for my little girl too. The child mourned so. Her best friend, and pseudo-grandmother was in Heaven, but her dreams were still here.

Today, as I drove my daughter to harp lessons, we remembered our friend. She played beautiful music at her lesson in honor of the little woman. I know she's listening. Happy Birthday, Anne!


  1. What a sweet post! How wonderful for your daughter to connect to such a different friend!
    Ohhh, the harp. I hear that's a tough one to play. I hope your daughter stays with it.... the music is so lovely to listen to!

  2. I just love this story. How special to have had that relationship!

  3. A beautiful post Patrice. I wish I could have listened to your daughter's tribute...she must be some special kid.

  4. this was a very sweet post, patrice.

  5. Patrice, what a heartwarming story on this wet and dreary day. It's such a pleasure to read that someone has been in your daughter's life and has been a special friend to her.

    I always dreamed of playing the harp. I hear that it's very therapeutic to sick people. The vibration are healing in some way. Maybe some day you can post a youtube video of her playing. Hugs. JB

  6. How sweet!! So glad you guys had a friend like that.

  7. Such a tender story. That woman was indeed special - as is your daughter. We should all be so fortunate to have had a 'little woman' in our lives.

  8. oh, Patrice, that was so lovely. What pleasure your daughter must have brought that dear lady in her older age. And how precious these memories are to you and to your daughter now. How lovely for young folks to treat the elderly that way. It really is a tribute both to you and to your daughter.
    This post made my day :)


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