Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 15

Welcome to my porch. I wasn't saying that last night. When and where I grew up, it was a busy night and their were children in costumes everywhere.I believe it has become dangerous in some areas and families are generally opting for other activities. I remember taking my kids to a fall festival at a local church. There were games and plenty of sugary things, so the practice of trick or treating wasn't missed. I visited a college yesterday that was opening it's dorms and encouraging kids from the community to trick or treat the students. They said that it was immensely popular, because parents knew it was safe. So did you have kids knocking on your door last night?

I had an interesting weekend. Saturday morning I went to a friend's house to take care of their dog. I walked the dog with my youngest daughter. When I returned to the house, I took the dog off the leash and went to give it food and water. I looked up and saw that the front door was wide open. I took my child and the dog and made our way to the truck quickly and called 911. Soon two officers arrived and searched the house. They came back out and told me that everything was safe. I went in with one of the officers and he showed me what really happened. There was a curtain over the windows of the door. Apparently the dog pulled the curtain and it hooked on the door and pulled it open. The outer door had never been opened because there were some undisturbed spider webs in front of the corner of the door. I didn't stop to check. I was out of there! What are the odds of hitting it just right like that and enabling the door to open. It was a very clever dog. I thanked the officer for his help, and finished caring for the dog. If you ever question something like that, don't be a hero. The officers know exactly what to do and it is much safer to have them make sure it's safe. Oh- beware of talented dogs!

Today's questions are mine and some of yours from two weeks ago. I really enjoyed sharing other folks' questions with you. Here we go-
  1. Alison asks: What's the biggest obstacle you've overcome or need to?
  2. Julia asks: If you won $100,000 what changes would you make?
  3. McGuffy Ann asks: What's the most unusual pet you've had?
  4. When do you start decorating for Christmas?
  5. What's your favorite type of magazine to read?
My answers:
  1. I was blind in one eye after a severe illness. An alternative medicine doctor restored my sight, much to the surprise of the conventional doctors.
  2. I would pay off all bills, fix some things around my house, and tuck some away for a rainy day.
  3. I had a flying squirrel when I was a tween. He had been knocked out in a bad storm and I nursed him back to health. He was a baby and I was quite young, so I had no idea how to raise him to free him in his own environment, so I kept him. To my knowledge, there was no such thing as a wildlife rehabilitator like they have these days.
  4. About two weeks before. Too early and I'm ready to put it away by Christmas day. Too late and we have no time to enjoy it. I knew someone once who had a year round Christmas tree and a room dedicated to it's display. My house barely fits our family. I can't imagine using a room for that, but it made the lady happy who had it.
  5. I love to read magazines that have things like I have in my home, but they do it with more style, so it inspires me. (Run on sentence award for that one!!!!!! Yes. I know Grammar. She's married to Grampa!) The same magazine should have some well photographed food and some articles about interesting people. Country Living and Southern Living fit the bill. I also like magazines for crafts, sewing, and art. They make me wish there were more hours in each day!!
I just passed these around to my porch guests. Don't worry.
Online chocolates have no calories, carbs, or fat. Dentists could
never complain about them, and small children don't get sticky.
What's not to love!
Have a wonderful fall week!


  1. Oh, oh, oh.... I want the white chocolate one. Don't let anyone else take it. That's my favorite. I'll pout if I don't get it ;-)

    1. I have been blessed with good health, a great marriage, and usually enough money to pay our bills. My biggest challenge is my weight. I have battled my weight since I was a youngster.

    2. If I won the lottery I'd build an indoor arena. I'd add a few more stalls and maybe rent out one or two.

    3. Well, it wasn't technically 'my' pet, but I did buy it! My sons wanted a snake. I was at a conference and there was a Pet Expo in the same convention center. I snuck into the Expo and purchased baby Ball Pythons, carried them home on the plane and presented them to our delighted boys. One took a drink of water, rolled over, and died. But, the other lived with us for many years and was given to a new owner when we moved to Colorado.

    4. A few weeks before. We haven't really done much for the past three years as we have always traveled to the east coast to be with my husband's family.

    5. I like magazines that have some sort of stories in them. Good Housekeeping has been one that I've enjoyed for many years as they have a bit of this and that, a story or two, some recipes, some fashion advice, etc. I don't particularly care for magazines that focus on fashion or celebs.

  2. E-chocolates??? Mmmm, they *sound* good, but would they satisfy my craving?? This is the question!

    I'll post mine soon ;)
    A x

  3. Oh that candy looks wonderful, I will have some thank you but I will leave them on your porch. I am looking forward to this weeks questions,

  4. Oh my, I want to reach in and grab a chocolate. I love boxes of chocolates...such fun! I like reading your answers and learning more about you!

  5. Chocolate is good. :)

    I am sorry to hear about your vision loss after an illness, but very glad to hear your vision was restored. Could you please share what the alternative doctor did for you? We have a houseful of vision problems here, the worst being diabetic retinopathy. We're game to try anything!

    It was nice visiting on your porch again. Have a wonderful night!

  6. PS. Sometimes dogs are as good as children at scaring us half to death! :)

  7. Love the chocolate and the chat! These are always lots of fun :)
    How awesome that your family used alternative medicine! I am a massage therapist and see the power of alternative therapies every day :)
    I posted with a link back to you.
    Have a great week!

  8. 1. My biggest obstacle was malignant breast cancer in 3rd stages.

    2. I would have a new roof, redo my other bathroom, have two new steel for the back and a steel door with window entrance door and a new garage door with opener, tear down my stone wall and fix the chimney,and I would turn up my electric heat so I don't suffer cold, and I would put a new ceramic tile floor in the family room. Do you think that I would have some money left for a rainy day?

    3. I had a hen when I was young.

    4. I usually start decorating about mid December because I'm too busy to decorate earlier.

    5. I love gardening magazines. thanks for the chocolate but I think that I had way too much already. JB

  9. I love your porch chats! Thanks for choosing my question! Chocolate...a great comfort food...*lol*...thanks!
    Great visiting! Have a wonderful week!
    You deserve it!

  10. Oh - thanks for the chocolate - I just love these chats!

  11. I'm coming to your farmhouse porch more often, if I can eat all the chocolates I want without any calories! Whoo-hoo!!! Now, that's living life big or is it small? =D

  12. Lovely chatting today. I really like having questions from the other folks - it really feels like a conversation. Thanks for those chocolates - and the porch to visit on.

  13. Hi Patrice,

    This is great to know about you! So glad to be back here and see all these familiar faces!

    Big hugs from Indiana


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