Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bad Hair Day

I wish I looked as good when I had a bad hair day. Smoky asked me to make sure you knew that it wasn't a bad "hare" day. She's a very well behaved bunny.

I think these are some cute bunny feet!


  1. I think everything about her is cute.I wouldn't mind a bad hair day if I was that cute.

  2. Those bunny feet are so cute! I always loved cat's hind paws, too. I think they're soft and kind of hand-shaped.
    If you want to email me about scarf I can give you some help. My address is on my profile. It is very easy - even for a beginner.

  3. Anyone could tell at one glance that she's not a bad hare! She's too cute!

  4. That cute bunny could never have a bad hare day. Just too darn cute. JB

  5. I might look OK with that hare!

    Cute bunny feet...but it reminded me of the old bunny foot key chains.......glad that's an OUT thing LOL

  6. Tell Smokey she would totally Rock an '80's or 90's band look! Too cute!


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