Friday, October 28, 2011

Wendell Goes to School

As some of you may remember, Wendell was sick last spring. He was very sick. He had colicked , and then days later showed other symptoms. He could barely move. He had Lyme Disease. Medication made him better, but the sickness must have affected his brain. Too much doctoring certainly did a number on his personality. He has always been a friendly "horse next door" kind of guy. He loved nuzzling people, getting treats, and walking with you.

After his illness he stayed in the back part of the pasture like a recluse. He didn't want anything to do with humans or even the other horse. When you were able to get near him, he mouthed your hand like a foal. Much of his behavior resembled a young foal. Our trainer told us that he needed to be trained from the very beginning. It was time for him to go back to pre-school. I have just the person for the job of teacher. D3! Not only is she gifted with animals, but she's ferociously determined.

Here is one of Wendell's first days of school. He had to learn to something as basic as being lead on a lead-line. This is something that will take time. I'm not pricing graduate school programs for him yet, but we hope he can become less scared of all the things he perceives as scary. That would be everything!

Wendell goes to school.
"Let's go to school. Is it lunchtime yet?"

Wendell turns this way when being led,
"Got it."

and that way.

The next challenge is walking over poles. This
may sound very easy, but they make a noise 
when you step on them that can be scary to
extra-large foals.
"There's something in the road. I know
I should have taken the school bus."

He's looking at them, but does not hesitate.
"I can do this."

Go, Wendell!
"I think I can. I think I can."

He's doing it.
"I think I can. I think I can. Uh- Is it time for lunch yet?"

Next, he is lead around cones, in a circular pattern.
"Round and round I go. Where I stop nobody knows! Weeeeee!"

Then he stops in front of the cones with poles.
They're something different that the things he 
has just completed.
"Not something new! I liked the little cones."

The cones are knocked down and he doesn't
"You knocked  them down. I'm not picking them up.
I will even walk in between them if you double dare me!"

"I've got this cone thing mastered!"

As I said, it will take a while! Thanks to D3 for the help she's giving him.


  1. How Wonderful! And I would say allowing the cones on his ears is a huge progress already :)

  2. How fantastic of your daughter to take this on. She rocks!

  3. That was a long hard illness he had. I remember you talking about it a bit. He is so beautiful! In one of the pictures you posted, it looks like he has SUPER long eyelashes!

    I am so impressed with D3. That takes serious committment, what she is doing, and she is doing it so well.

    Cones on his ears, LOL, that is cute!!

  4. Poor Wendell. I didn't realize that he suffered long term effects from his illness. He looks like such a sweetie, like a big Teddy bear. How awful to be concerned about everything.
    I'm glad that D3 is taking him step by step through new things. I look forward to more posts.

  5. I'm so pleased that Wendall is on the way to getting his confidence back. I know it'll probably be a long job but he's surrounded by loving, caring folk which will help his recovery no-end. Sending him a hug xx
    Cute cone ears!

  6. So sad that it changed his personality. It is almost like he had a fever that went too high. Well at least you have a good trainer to help him through the hard parts.
    I hope he makes a 100 percent recovery.

  7. Oh my darling Wendell! You must be exhausted from all that hard work! You are doing such a fantastic job and you have the most wonderful trainer EVER! Patrice sure must love you tons to shower you with such kindness and attention! Keep working hard! I bet there are some carrots in your future!

  8. God bless Wendell, and your incredibly talented and patient and gifted D3!

  9. I've been wondering about Wendell. Good luck to him and D3 during their school days!

  10. Wendell is beautiful and it looks like he is willing.

  11. Wendell is such a handsome guy!

  12. Awww, he is going to be fine. He looks like he is strong and ready to take on the world!

  13. So glad D3 is such a patient teacher. Bless Wendell's heart. He has had quite a challenging year. Hope you are not covered in snow! K was wondering if G was out playing in it! ;-) We are just windy and cool; no flakes spotted yet and none wanted until we get the corn out, which will take us about 2-3 more weeks depending on the weather. Dry is good !

  14. Patience has its reward... love that last shot with the cone ears!


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