Sunday, October 16, 2011

That Horse Is A Boat

D3 had a horse show this past weekend. There was a costume parade, so she wanted to go as a pirate. I think it was the Jack Sparrow influence from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie. D3 was the pirate and the horse was the boat.

I started with a few colors of fabric and some quilt batting.

I turned these into a costume by making them into quilt panels that looked like a boat in the water.

As you can see, my boat "sagged" around the pirate. I kept trying to straighten it, but there was too much movement of the horse and rider for it to stay in one place. There are three fish and an anchor on this side.

Here's a better look at the anchor.

The other side had a shark and a small fish.

"Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water..."

Notice the label on the fish. Definitely what the shark might have thought! Anyone who got close enough to read it had a good laugh. One of the fish on the other side was wearing glasses, but my photo doesn't show it. Just a bit of humor for a few folks!

Here's my pirate riding off in her boat.

Moe made a handsome pirate. He's her instructor's Hafflinger. Probably a 500th cousin, 1000 times removed of Wendell's!

After the costumes were removed, D3 and Moe went on to ride in several classes, including a trail class. For the day, she got the following ribbons:
1 first place
2 second place
7 third place
2 fifth place

I'll show you some of the other horses in another post this week. :)


  1. Deanie is home this weekend and she looked at this post with me. I told her all about your girls and we were talking about the similarities between your four and my four! We LOVE what you did with the 'boat'- your talents NEVER cease to amaze me!

    Now, how's the Lyme? Gone? Going?

  2. You are a very clever rabbit.. Loved the fish the shark and the costume.. Oh how fun~! What a great mom you are.
    Have a Tiggeriffic Day~ ta ta for now from Iowa:)

  3. That's brilliant! Congratulations on all those well deserved awards :o)

  4. The boat costume was very cute and the pirate of course. Love the sign on the fish. Congratulations on your daughter's ribbons and on getting a 1st place .

  5. Excellent! Love this creativity!

  6. What a fun costume! I love your humorous touches!
    It sure seems like D3 had a great day!
    I had thought about taking the boys to a driving event... as zebras! But... I spend my time painting the house, not my horses! I think they are rather happy about that! And...I guess I am, too.

  7. You did such a neat job! It looks so good and what fun and what a perfect horse.


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