Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 17

Have I told you that the picture in the above button isn't really my porch? I'm not trying to fool anyone, but my techie daughter used a picture just to represent my porch. It looks quaint and I love porch swings. Yesterday was warm enough to swing on a porch swing. 
This is the real porch. The only thing that differs from this picture is the addition of two white wooden benches on either side. They have medium colored wood seats that comfortably seat three on each.
The cat on the left is Chaton. She is one of the sweetest cats you could ever meet. We generally just call her Sha-sha. She walks around the yard with you and meows as though she's having a conversation.
Chaton and her brother, Tag (Guten Tag). She's the one on the left.

"This is my porch. Do you think the bloggers would like to come chat with me? Do they have any carrots? The virtual carrots weren't very filling, but don't tell them if you think it'll hurt their feelings. Okay?"
Okay, Wen. I won't tell them. They might rather visit on my porch since I have benches.
"Can I get some benches?"
Not this week, Wendell. Sorry.
"By the way- what are benches?"

  1. Where would you take the blogger group for a chat, if they came to your house?
  2. How do you handle "toxic people"? They're the ones  that are very difficult to be around and generally don't bring out the best in us.
  3. In high school, were you the athlete, the cheerleader (actual or just your personality), the geek, the social butterfly, or lost?
  4. What's your favorite thing made from apples?
  5. Do you do most of your shopping in stores or online?
My answers:
  1. If the weather was good, we'd go visit Wendell. If it was rainy or cold, we'd gather around my dining room table and I'd have tea, coffee, cocoa, and something yummy that wasn't virtual. "Like carrots?" Yes,Wen. Like carrots.
  2. I avoid them like the plaque! For whatever reason, I seem to attract them. I guess I need a necklace of garlic or something.
  3. I was the social butterfly, but deep down inside I was lost.
  4. I love apple pie. (Cider and apple dumplings would be next on the list.)
  5. Most is of my early shopping in stores, but I learned how helpful catalog or online ordering would be the Christmas that I was still quite sick. I do more online now. I really like getting an eBates check for stuff I'm buying anyway. (See my sidebar for information on eBates.) If it's very close to Christmas, I find myself happier to stay out of stores and away from crowds.


  1. I love ebates!! My problem is I always forget to go through them first. I like their checks too! :) Makes some "expensive" things worth the pain in the wallet.

  2. Hi Patrice,I am old fashioned and like to go to the stores! Love the cats and say hi to Wendall please!

  3. the incognito cats were cute. hi wendell! :)

    love me some apple pie. with ice cream, please! i'd make folks sit on the deck with me if they came to chat - 3 built in benches out there, plus plenty of outdoor chairs. i was a social butterfly, flitting between all cliques and doing a brainiac thing too. but aren't we all a bit lost in h.s.? i hate to shop. but if i have to, i try to do on-line.

  4. Love the kitties in glasses :-)

  5. Well the questions all sound good this week. It is nice to finally see your porch.

  6. I was a bit lost in high school, but ended up dating the captain of the football team....and then marrying him. Still married to him. I avoid toxic people.

  7. I think visiting the horses would be lots of fun. I've never ridden one. I've always been afraid that I would hurt a horse if it had to carry me. They are so pretty. Maybe you'd even let me take Wen's pic. :)

    Thanks for letting us visit on your porch, Patrice. Have a great night!

  8. I prefer shopping online to stores any day. I, too, use the ebates program and love it! =D
    Wednesday's Meme Lineup!

  9. I finally got my post up! This room painting has turned into a huge pain in the you know where. UGH!

    Can I go visit Wendell even if the weather is bad please? LOL

    CIDER! I forgot all about apple cider! I love it!

  10. Hi Patrice,
    I'm a newbie to your porch. I would love to sit on your porch or visit Wendall. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  11. Nice that your porch is still available. It's even colder here today. Yuck! I'm starting to feel quite sorry for Wendell. A visit in the barn would be kind of fun.

  12. I've been running behind my blogger comments this week and I left all my answers to your questions on Farm Girl's blog. Have a great rest of the week.

    Your porch looks so clean as compared to mine. JB

  13. We may sit on the front porch, but it would be more entertaining to sit out by the goat yard and watch them and chat. I avoid toxic people and if I can't and they talk to me, I shut down and don't listen.
    I was in student council and lost. I think most people feel lost in HS.
    Apple pie or apple fritter
    I love stores when they are not crowded and I'm not going to buy anything. For buying I use the internet.

  14. This link up looks fun! I am going to look for it next week. :)

  15. I think I am going to do it today even though its Thursday I will still link up!


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