Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 12

Welcome to the porch. Have a seat and we'll chat for a while.  There are some folks who visit every week, but there is always room for some new friends. Our weather has been warm during the day and a bit cool in the evening.  We are winding down the market garden for summer, but we have fall crops in and they will be ready soon. I'm serving chai tea this morning and vanilla coffee. Grab a mug. Oh, while your at it, grab a carrot for Wendell.

  1. Did you have a way to earn money as a child or teen?
  2. Does your body run hot or cold? (Are you in a sweater/jumper when everyone else is in short sleeves or do you wear a sweatshirt when everyone has on parkas?)
  3. What's your level of computer savvy? 
  4. When you have pasta, do you prefer a red sauce (marinara type) or a white sauce (fettuccine type)?
  5. What's your favorite thing to put in brownies? 
My answers:
  1. I used to try to make crafty things and sell them when I was a kid. As a teen, I wasn't into babysitting, like all my friends, but I was really good at sewing so I took in alterations. I still did crafts then and would do an occasional craft show.
  2. I'm a wee bit on the cool side. I have really leveled out in the past few years. I have a family member who would be happy as can be in a windbreaker during a blizzard. Not me. I LOVE sweaters, but it's not quite that cool here yet.
  3. I'm excellent at turning my laptop on and I can check my email. Does that answer the question? My generation only had people with that skill who were geeks. It wasn't as common for everyone as it is now. I have learned a lot. Much of it from my brilliant D1. Her blog design skills are super. She's really patient with me and has taught me so much. Therefore, I'm patient when she practices driving. A nice trade-off, eh?
  4. I like both, but tomato doesn't agree with my tummy like it used to. I choose white sauces when I have the chance.
  5. Since I have a death allergy to walnuts, they never go in there and I wouldn't dream of touching a brownie that I couldn't verify. I can be a pain in the xxxx- I know! Allergies are no fun. I like pecans in them, but I think my favorite brownie has a cheesecake swirl and dark chocolate chunks. I'm proud to say that I never even touched one of the last batch that was made in this house. Yay! I have lost weight and I love the way clothes feel now. 

"Hey, Patrice! Or is that Hay, Patrice? Hmm. Wendell needs to think about that. Are you going to tell them what I'm up to?"
"Not now, sweetie. That's another post."
"Don't forget. Okay?"
"Okay. I'll post it soon. I know you're excited about what you're doing."
"By the way, I have a great idea."
"When you have the people chat on the porch, you should have them all bring carrots for the horse. Okay?"
"I'm not sure that would work, Wendell."
"But I'm cute."
"Yes, dear. I know that. I'll buy your some carrots when I go to the store. Okay?"
"Great! When the people come, I'll have lots of carrots."
"You are hopeless!!!!"


  1. here's a virtual carrot for wendell, then!

    1. babysitting from the age of 10 to 16.
    2. rather warm - unless my feet get cold, then i freeze.
    3. medium - know enough to get myself into trouble by trying to do some things myself.
    4. tomato - but sometimes like tomato cream - best of both worlds.
    5. WALNUTS!!! sorry, patrice!

  2. Oh, Wendell, you light up my life! The best job in the world would be if all I had to do is feed you carrots all day long! Tell Patrice I'll be back tomorrow for the chat! WITH carrots!

  3. *D1 pats herself on the back*


  4. Hay, Wendell, Pippin here. I think we should start 'chats in the pasture' or something like that. I'm not sure how we could manage the carrots or other goodies, though. Somehow I think virtual carrots might be rather tasteless!

    OK, I'll let my Mrs. Owner take over the keyboard now...

    Well, it's me, now... thank goodness the mud has dried up so the keyboard is still clean!

    1. I used to take junk around to the neighbors to see if they'd buy something. I also did a lemonade stand on the 12th tee of the golf course, which was close to my house. When I turned 16 I got a job at a sporting goods store. I rarely took home a paycheck because I bought horse and ski things!

    2. I start out running hot...I rarely notice the cool temperatures first thing in the morning when I'm feeding the horses or picking up poop in the paddock. But, by evening, I am on the couch bundled in a fleece throw and hate to unwind myself so I can go to bed.

    3. I'm great with software. I used to help debug some programs at work. I'm OK with hardware - the language escapes me and I don't know a doodad from a thingamajig.

    4. Anything...gooey is better!

    5. white chocolate or caramel - no walnuts here. They make my mouth itch

  5. I admire your ability to do alterations - and so young. That's not an easy job at all.

  6. 1. babysitting
    2. chilly
    3. I would say a medium level of knowledge....
    4. tomato!
    5. I love Heath Bar Chips!

  7. Came across your blog; love it!
    Are your Porch Chats on Tuesday or Wednesday? I'll be back...
    I'm a new follower, and hope you will join me, too. McGuffyAnn
    McGuffy's Reader

  8. 1. Did you have a way to earn money as a child or teen? Nope.
    2. Does your body run hot or cold? (Are you in a sweater/jumper when everyone else is in short sleeves or do you wear a sweatshirt when everyone has on parkas?) I run HOT. I am in menopause!! Ha ha!
    3. What's your level of computer savvy? I am pretty savvy and if I don't know how to do something, a good tutorial or help forum gets the job done!
    4. When you have pasta, do you prefer a red sauce (marinara type) or a white sauce (fettuccine type)? I love them both, so it just depends on my mood.
    5. What's your favorite thing to put in brownies? Chocolate chips!

  9. Hi Patrice - about the piano, I haven't had one for years but can still manage when I get the chance - as long as I'm playing hymns or classical.

  10. 1. One winter, my brother and I actually ran a trap line alone my grandma and grandpa's creek for muskrat. Grandma ran it during the week days. She was sooo awesome! I also did the All-American summer stint at McDonald's one summer, cleaned houses, and also worked at a hardware store one summer.
    2. Right now I am all over the spectrum. I used to be hot and never cold, but I am almost 50 and trying to lose weight, and now I run both ways! LOVELY!
    3. I was pretty top of the line on how to run programs when I taught and could get continuous updates and training. Now I am feeling a bit left behind, though I can usually figure out a program if I play with it enough.
    4. I am not a huge pasta person, but I like both kinds of sauce.
    5. My teeth? I'm a purest unless adding more chocolate counts. I don't even care for icing!

    K has her letter done, but is having a heck of a time getting it to the mail box. I have been out in the field, so I should be able to "properly motivate" her to get it there. It was actually all addressed and everything, but she did it on her own and had everything backwards including the stamp! Sigh.... at least she tried! Tell G to check the mail box this weekend!

  11. My Answers:
    1. As a teen I worked in women's clothing, at a local department store.
    2. Usually I run warm, but as I get older I tend to get chilly more easily!
    3. I learn as I go! In fact, I usually have to fix what my husband messes up!
    4. I definitely prefer white sauces! Yum!
    5. This one is easy...*lol*...my teeth! I'm just sayin'...

    Thank you for the cup of chai! And here is a nice fresh carrot for Wendell!
    McGuffy's Reader

  12. 1. Nope. School was my job.
    2. I live with the A/C on all year long. I do not like hot. I am at the stage of life, though, where I have hot flashes followed by cold flashes, but then I'm melting again. The A/C has job security here. :)
    3. I don't need to know computer stuff. That is what DS#2 is for. haha
    4. I like both, but usually use marinara.
    5. My teeth!


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