Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 11

Hello, again! I'm happy you've joined me again this week. The cool fall weather has been wonderful. It dropped down very quickly though. We went from 74 to 47 overnight, a few days ago. It was a bit warmer yesterday and I think it will be today too. I think it will be lovely weather to sit on my porch.

  1. Are you afraid of heights or small places?
  2. What was on top of your wedding cake? (If you're not married- What was on top of your favorite birthday cake?)
  3. What was something you took for granted in school that you'd pay better attention to now if you could do it over?
  4. What's your favorite type of tea or coffee? (ie: Chai tea, green tea, English Breakfast tea)
  5. Would you rather drive the car, or be a passenger?
My answers:
  1. I actually love heights, but I'm a bit claustrophobic. I don't like to be in small spaces.
  2. There were real flowers on the top of my cake, some on the middle layer and around the bottom layer.
  3. I wish I'd been more attentive in typing class. I could use better typing skills and more speed. I think so much faster than I type. My daughter used a computer program and it helped. I just need to commit to something like that.
  4. I love English Breakfast Tea, love, love ,love Coconut Chai (although I have trouble finding it lately) and Vanilla Tea. 
  5. I'd almost always rather drive. I'm learning to be a good passenger for someone I know who has a learner's permit :)
Smile! I like you.


  1. Hi Patrice,

    1. I'm not afraid of height and painted the barn roof with the young hired hand who was uncomfortable of climbing ladders and being close to the edge of the roof last year while my husband was away. We got her done.

    2. I had a married couple on my cake top.

    3. I took for granted that I came first of my class until I moved to a larger Regional school and wasn't first anymore.

    4. I love all kind of teas but my and my preference changes with the seasons. I like a dark roast Columbian coffee and I'm more fickle with flavored coffees.

    5. I don't mind driving during day time but not so much at night because I need my land marks to guide me. I hate driving in the rain. It also depends on who's driving. If they drive smooth I like to be a passenger but if they are rough driver I'd rather drive.

    Take care and thanks for the questions. JB

  2. I was afraid to look at the questions this week. Since you put them up early, I was scared there might be one that would require me to do some thinking. LOL

  3. Oh! I am scared of heights AND small places! And I would much rather be the driver:) (Everyone gets tired of hearing me yell otherwise;))

  4. I thought id stop by your blog and say hello. And i hope your enjoying the beautiful fall weather that has begun. Richard from Amish Stories.

  5. You know someone who has a learners permit? Imagine that...

  6. We're supposed to get cooler weather by Friday. Today we were in the high 70's, Friday we will be in the 50's. Brrr! It will seem cold after such a warm fall.

    So, I'll come chat with you! Did I ever tell you we have a swing like the one in your picture? We had to put hooks in to hook it to the railing because the wind would send it crashing into the rails and the wall!

    1. I'm not afraid of heights - but I'm a bit more cautious than I used to be. Small spaces don't bother me. As a kid I found a secret hiding place behind some bookshelves. The spot was only about 18" X 3' X 4'. I loved it back there!

    2. Oh my.... I can't remember what was on top of the cake! I know it was flowers, but I'm not sure if they were icing or real. That's bad, huh?!

    3. I wish I had taken a greater variety of classes when I was in college. Whenever I had an elective I usually took something easy and probably quite inconsequential - you know, Basket Weaving 101 or some such. It would have been far more fun to take something in Archaeology, or another science, or Forensics (they probably didn't even have that in the dark ages when I was in college!)

    4. I didn't drink coffee or tea until just before I retired. Then I started stopping at Starbucks for white chocolate latte's. Later I switched to coffee with flavored creamers, and now I love a mild coffee with 1/2 and 1/2 and a bit of sweetener. I also enjoy Chai tea - mmmm. I have some here. I think I'll go make one as soon as I leave the porch!

    5. It really depends on who is driving. If my hubby is driving I'm a very happy passenger. I can read, knit, sleep...whatever. But, if it is someone else I usually don't feel quite as relaxed and prefer to be 'in charge'! Oh...I was a wreck when the boys had their permits and I had to drive with them! I still get a bit nervous... and they've been driving for years!

    I'm gonna hop off of the swing and go get that Chai tea! It was nice to chat!

  7. Wow, I forgot to leave a comment this morning. How did I forget that.
    I liked your answers. I will look for Coconut Chai for you out here. :)
    Kessie drinks some kind I can't remember and I always have a hard time finding it. I think she drinks decaffeinated. I need to ask her too,
    I am getting ready to post right now.

  8. Linking up with you, Patrice. Thanks for hosting anothe week. It's so nice to spend this time with you and the ladies!

    Check out some of my posts...
    Chit Chat On Patrice’s Farmhouse Porch
    Wayback Wednesdays…1993

    ~Cathy Kennedy, Children's Author
    “The Tale of Ole Green Eyes”

  9. Always such interesting question! I forgot I like Vanilla Tea, but i haven't had it for a while...I love anything vanilla, really!

  10. Our nephew is going for his learner's permit today. My brother is already gray...he'll probably go bald now!!! ;-)

  11. Ms. Patrice...if you tried to visit me at Wise Old Owl, you probably found that I'm a goner!! I've decided to combine my blogs and just put a page on Jeremiah 29:11 for my crafty stuff. I've so enjoyed joining in your chats and would love for you and our fellow chatters to visit me there. HOPE you have a great week!

  12. Yeah! I'm playing along today!
    1. I'm pretty good with heights, but I DO NOT LIKE SMALL PLACES!
    2. A modern statue of a bride and groom whose arms intertwine to look like wedding bans. Make sense? I actually had to get up and go look at it.
    3. Probably math....nah....I still don't care much for it. I really loved my days there, and if I have anything I miss it's the voices of my choir. We made some great sounds together.
    4. Any coffee with chocolate in it is my friend, and I like Chai tea.
    5. DRIVE!


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