Friday, October 21, 2011

Barn Chicks Who Blog- Interview with Cathryn from Farmer's Trophy Wife

I can't wait to share this interview with you. I stumbled on the blog, Farmer's Trophy Wife, which is written by the lovely Cathryn. Her blog is such fun to visit. She finds lots of wonderful things to wear. There is plenty of "eye candy" photos of really neat things for your house. Check out the DIY section if you're handy with tools and like to make things for your home. I would love to take Cathryn shopping and have her help me pick out a new wardrobe. This girl has style! Read on, my friends.

1. Please tell us about your farm.
My husband and I farm with his Aunt and Uncle and his parents, we are the third generation on this farm. We have a mixed cattle and grain operation and are out in the middle of Alberta, Canada.
Photo property of Farmer's Trophy Wife

2. What animals do you have?
We have about 200 head of beef cattle, 5 horses, 1 dog and idea how many cats...

Photo property of Farmer's Trophy Wife

3. How do the animals get their names?
We really only name the dogs and horses. Some of the horses come with names...others our 3 yr old names. She has a pony...his name is Sheila.

Photo property of Farmer's Trophy Wife

4. Your living on a 3rd generation farm. Your family or hubby's?
This is my husband's family farm, his grandfather bought this farm and it has been in the family since.

Photo property of Farmer's Trophy Wife
(Patrice is envious!)

5. What did you do before you married a farmer?
I grew up on a mixed farm and was in my first year of my Nursing degree when I met him.

6. What are some of your hobbies?
Back before kids, my hobbies where riding, skiing, reading and traveling. Now...blogging. Not too much time for anything else...someday when the kids are big we will get out and do all the stuff we used to do!

7.Do you cook, garden, or can?
LOL...ummm. Can I skip this question?! I  am not that great of a cook or gardener. It's actually poor family.

Photo property of Farmer's Trophy Wife

8. What inspired you to blog?
It started when my second baby was born, I wanted something to do that wasn't about night feeds or dirty diapers and I kinda fell into it. I love it and have had fun ever since!

9. What's  the best part of living in the country?
The space, the community and raising our kids the "old fashioned" way...they catch frogs and howl at the coyotes on a regular basis!

Photo property of Farmer's Trophy Wife

10. How do feel about raising those precious little ones on a farm?
Love it. They are my wild little farm kids, covered in dirt, scratches and have space to run and yell. Best way to raise a family I think!

Photo property of Farmer's Trophy Wife

Photo property of Farmer's Trophy Wife

11. What's your favorite farm fashion?
Hmmm...anything that works with rubber boots! ;)

Photo property of Farmer's Trophy Wife

12. What's in the future for your farm and family?
Growing our family and farm...we are expecting our 3rd baby this December and love working with our family to grow the business.

Cathryn- This was a fun interview. I wish all the best for your family and your farm. I'll drop by the blog to find out what looks best with Muck boots! :)


  1. Very nice interview, cute babies.

  2. Fun interview! :) Is a farm a farm without Muck boots? :)

  3. Thanks so much for including me in your interview series!!! I had fun!!!

  4. She's absolutely fabulous, isn't she???!!!! And she's just as good at furniture shopping as she is with clothes ;)

  5. Excellent interview- as always! Made me miss having little ones though.


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