Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Real Winner

Last weekend was horse show time for D3. She rode to the show with her instructor and a few other kids. I love to watch my children in their activities, but I had to take my oldest to work. Before I dropped D3 off, I gave her five dollars to get snacks and drinks. I packed a sandwich wrap for her, but forgot snacks.

D3 had an enjoyable show and when I picked her up she was really thirsty. I wondered why she hadn't bought some water bottles. She had spent the five dollars on another student who hadn't remembered to bring any money for lunch. I wanted to cry when she told me what she'd done. In my book, that makes her a winner. Blue ribbons will never surpass the kindness shown to someone else.

She went on to meet and visit with a new girl at the show who had no one to talk to. I think that deserves a second blue ribbon! It's a good feeling deep down inside of you when you see your kids as neat people.

Just a side note- There was a tiny tot class in Western showing. A small girl about five was competing. She was announced as the winner and given a blue ribbon. She started crying. The judge asked what was wrong and she replied, " I like pink. I wanted a pink ribbon."        CUTE!


  1. Good hearted daughter. You have every right to be proud when selfishness seems to be the norm.

  2. How cute- she wanted a pink ribbon- I love it!

    I love it when I hear tales of the lovelies doing things like that- it's a good feeling to know that our children are compassionate, isn't it?

  3. Life is full of choices and sometimes we make good choices but not the best. Your daughter made the best choice. She's a first class winner for sure.

    I know that proud feeling a mother feels when her kids do something unselfish like that. The positive of her action will last a life time as opposed to having used that $5.00 on a snack for herself that doesn't leave lasting satisfaction. And she did what a Christian should do.

    The Pink ribbon saga is real cute and innocent. Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a great daughter you have. Putting others first is so important in life.

  5. i SO admire your D3. her horse sense, her love, her soul...

    what sweet stories to share... :)

  6. "It's a good feeling deep down inside of you when you see your kids as neat people." You are so right about that! It's fun to see them grow up and sometimes they surprise us with their compassion, their loyalty and their depth of understanding.
    Congrats to D3 and her family!

  7. That is so nice. So glad you wrote about it. I really think the story about the little girl and the pink ribbon is cute.
    I told my husband and he laughed and said, "isn't that the way we are with God? He gives us something and we cry because we wanted the pink one."
    Have a wonderful Saturday. I will be thinking of you.

  8. You are so right; your D3 really is a winner!!

  9. You have done well mama! It shows in your daughter's actions, you have every right to be proud...and her "blue ribbons" are shinning jewels in her crown in heaven :)
    God bless,

  10. Oh you have every right to be proud - she shares from her heart;shes gets pinned for a blue in my book!!

    lol on the pink ribbon story though !


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