Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Truck

C.S. Farmer and I took a road trip to replace his small truck with something big enough to haul tons of feed and pull a horse trailer. We went to Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I enjoy road trips with my farmer. I kept hearing the Taylor Swift song in my head, "I was riding shotgun with my hair undone, in the front seat of his car." I acknowledge that I was "riding shotgun". However, I went on to over-think the lyrics. Does "hair undone" mean that it was un-brushed, or un-styled? It could also mean that her wig just flew out the open window. That would be the ultimate "undone". It could also mean that her roots were showing. Anyone who has ever colored her hair could tell you that roots aren't always easy to keep up with. Sometimes they're undone. Not that I've ever had that problem.

I apologize for my digression, but as the mom of teens, I'm stuck with an even larger repertoire of songs that live in my head. Some welcomed, some that just fly by.

We had an uneventful and even enjoyable trip. We came home with a much fancier truck that we traveled to Lancaster with.

He actually let me take it out today. Just me! Yay! Well, D1 was riding shotgun. Do not digress. No Taylor Swift. Please!
These are typical Amish buggies (Really well kept ones).

I've seen lots of Amish buggies between the community near us and the ones we've seen when we travel. The are usually plain- as in "plain people". I think this young fellow didn't get the memo about the "plain" part!

Look at the chrome "pick-up" bed. There's also a chrome panel on the front with a window in it.
The guy that got out of the buggy was very young, as was his beautiful wife. I should have asked 
her if she'd been riding shotgun!


  1. LOL! love the style-mobile! and love your new truck too!

  2. Lurv the truck :)

    And love Lancaster, PA too! We were there three years ago and had the most wonderful time. What a beautiful part of the world. Simply stunning...

  3. Like the new wheels Patrice :o)
    I have songs in my head too, most drive me nuts after an hour!
    Maybw the Amish young man has seen all these souped up cars the youngsters have and thinks...."If only".

  4. And all I can think of is that that poor horse must be burning up in the heat.

  5. Haha, now I am going to have that song going around in my head. I like your new truck, I like the color. That is a snazzy buggy too. Uh, chrome??? Isn't that a no-no? My husband came from a Mennonite background so chrome was off limits.
    I think it is a very nice buggy though.

  6. I am very surprised to see that chrome on the buggy! He must be quite the rebel!

  7. Nice Truck!! I love that Taylor Swift song,.. I take the hair undone thing to mean she didn't have it up in a pony tail or barretts. But then, what do I know.

    Have a great evening Patrice and thanks for the Arnica Gel idea. I am going to have to look for some. We don't have much in our small town, but I am going to Erie soon so will check the Whole Foods there.


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