Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Meet the Girls

We have four new sows on our farm. Three are C.S.Farmer's and one belongs to D3. After months (years?) of saving for a puppy, D3 decided that investing in a sow would give her profits. She plans on getting a puppy another time, but she wanted this opportunity to have her own farrowing business. It's hard to find piglets to grow out in our area, so she already has a place to sell them- her family farm.

Rosie May and Pumpkin
(Rosie belongs to D3)


She was hiding, so I could only get this one.

I'll share more about the new girls in future posts.

"Hey, wait! You forgot me!" 
You're not a sow.
"But you always call me a pig at dinner time."
So true!

This week:
Wednesday: Chats on Farmhouse Porch
Thursday: Barn Chicks who Blog


  1. enterprising young lady you've got there! :)

    (hi wendell!)

  2. WENDELL! I mean, the piggies are so cute! LOL

  3. Aw Pigs, Not a fan. We had 1000 breeding sows. I think your four would be nice though. 4 is manageable. Our first sow though was named Sweet Rose. She was too.

    My brother's daughter just got Grand Champion Hog at our State Fair.
    I hope you are having a very nice week.

  4. Wishing your daughter good luck with her sow business. She's going to be successful, I can tell. JB

  5. This is the second thing I've read today about little piggies!!! ;-)


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