Friday, August 5, 2011

It's that time of year again.

My old Pressure Canner was acting up, so we bought this new one. 
This is a 23 qt. canner.

Beans, beans, everywhere beans!

 The peaches are beautiful this year.

 C.S. brought these home from his friend at the farmers' market.
He will bring a bushel home each week until I yell "Stop!" or the
grower runs out.

 Low sugar peach jam tastes much more like a fresh
peach that all of those sugary recipes.

Our hard water will take the shine away from the canner in no time,
but for now I'm happy to see it glimmer.

We finally have tomatoes. Our crop was super late because of an eager, springtime volunteer who burned our entire crop (1000+plants) by over fertilizing. I'm not sure how two teaspoons of fertilizer per plant translates to a cup, but the new plants are doing well. (And the volunteer was un-volunteered! Did I tell you he went joy riding in one of our pasture in C.S.'s truck ?)

We've had three days that were a relief from the mega-heat. My heart goes out to all of you still dealing with it. It isn't cool here by any means, but two digits are much better than three.

Yesterday was Escape Animal Day. I know you won't find it pre-printed on your calendar and Hallmark doesn't have a card for it yet, but we celebrated in a big way. Every pig that we had got out. C.S. Farmer was just wiping his brow from putting them in when he discovered that we didn't have any cattle. All gone! Rustlers, Martha?
They made it to the backside of our farm, but stayed within the fence(that's a rare and unusual site). D1 and C.S. got them back to the front of the farm, except for one heifer that spooked. She was gone all night. C.S. had to stop searching when he lost light. She had found her way back to the herd by morning. Hallelujah! Have you ever tried to get a count on a large group of animals while they ran? It can be quite interesting. I had to wait until the settled down near the barn. One- two-one-er- one- two- oops! I said that already. 

Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh! Same canner as mine! We're just starting our beans around here so I haven't had to get the canner out yet... everything looks so fabulous!


  2. I sure wouldn't mind some of that peach jam, ha! Everything looks fantastic.


  3. As soon as I get out of blogland, the rest of my day is dedicated to canning. Wish I had some of those peaches!!

  4. My kids still hate my pressure cooker. I used to can everything when they were small. We were so busy during the school year I would can everything so all I had to do was open something and warm it up and instant dinner.
    About the only thing I do now is green beans. My corn this year was such a flop, twice, that I am glad I have corn from last year.
    So glad you are finally getting tomatoes. But, mine just started too.
    I hate the days when animals decided to escape. Pigs escapes are the worst.
    I am glad you cows made it all back to the fold.
    So nice you weather is a bit cooler. I am glad. Have a lovely day.

  5. All of your canning looks so beautiful. There is nothing nicer than seeing rows of jars with pretty contents inside.

    Ha ha... let's talk to Hallmark about that card!

    One time a friend who happened to be driving a mini Cooper (the 'real' one - smaller than today's version) came around a corner and hit someone's escaped hog. It totaled his car (hog, too). He ended up having to pay the farmer for the loss of the hog!!!

  6. We just bought the same canner. :) Must be a popular one!

    Our tomatoes are just starting as well. It's been a really screwy year for gardens where we are.

    I'm all for a hallmark card for escaping animals. Our stupid goat got out this morning and ate a couple of my baby apple trees... Glad to hear you were able to wrangle your escapees.

  7. wandering livestock... what a treat!

  8. Hi Patrice
    Thanks for not forgetting me :) it means alot that I have such great blogging friends, mom says she had one of them pressure cookers, used to frighten her to deaf lol!! she said it hissed, so I'm pleased she hasn't got one now!!
    Your right about your peaches they are making my mouth water!!
    Have a good week
    See Yea George xxx

  9. I think, the joyrider going through the grounds would have been hung here in Texas! Doesn't sound like they were volunteering to do anything but sabotage your efforts!

    But, everything looks delicious. I bet the peaches and greenbeans will be tasty and healthy.

    I'm scare of pressure cookers...maybe you can show your tricks with them.

    Enjoyed the visit!

  10. Awesome! We have corn to freeze this afternoon. Isn't canning a wonderful thing? A lot of work, but so worth it!

  11. Total yumminess on the peaches!

    We do not have a pressure canner. We've done a lot of water bath canning this summer, but I think once they go on clearance after the summer we will invest in an actual canner.

  12. Gosh those beans and peaches look glorious! I am so envious. Well, except for the amount of work it takes to do all that. LOL


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