Monday, August 22, 2011

Horses before chocolate?

Chip was showing off his new hair style this morning.

D3 referred to it as a "spiderweb" braid.

The lure of a horse was stronger for D4 than a
cranberry/chocolate chip muffin square.

"Yeah! Sister let me ride Chip!"
(Even in flip flops? Only allowed here
on leadline. )


  1. As a kid I'd put horses over EVERYTHING! Maybe even Christmas!

    Love the braid - someday I want to do that with Pippin's mane!

  2. What a nice day and lovely pictures.

  3. Spider web braid is lovely. I'd have done anything for a horse when I was growing up but as a child imagination had to work overtime!

  4. I gotta say, I'd choose the horse too!

  5. What a labor of love. I never saw this hair-do on a horse. Great photos. JB


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