Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Close Look

I was a kid who loved lounging in the grass and looking at clouds. I saw all sorts of things in their shapes. There are times when things look different if you stop and take a good look. Here are two of those things I found this week.
A potato from our garden

A grasshopper on my kitchen window

I didn't put my thoughts as captions for these photos because I wanted you to have your own first impression. The potato made me think snowman or maybe a little fat man  with a bow tie. The grasshopper looks like someone has been drawing cartoons on his belly. What was your first impression? Other than how useless this post is! <giggle>


  1. Cool images! I had a couple thoughts about the potato, none of which I`ll put here since they were of a mature nature. =)

  2. I loved the drawing on the stomach?? of the grasshopper, it did look like someone drew on him.
    I didn't know it was a potato so it was good you told what it was, I love finding things like that.

  3. At first glance, the potato reminded me of a Dr. Zeuss character and I wondered why somebody drew a face on a grasshopper.

  4. I thought the grasshopper looked like a Transformer!

    The potato? Reminded me of abstract art!


  5. I thought of a snowman potatoe too, and then that it looks like a face on the grasshopper.
    Not useless, just a bit of fun!! :)

  6. lol!! I love things like this well mom thinks the potato looks like a perfume bottle, i wouldn't like to smell the perfume from that lol!!
    I think it just looks like a funny looking potato!!!
    The grasshopper yuk, look at his chest looks like a cat with sunglasses on if you turn him upside down it looks like a space rocket!!!
    Thanks for giving me a laugh
    Have a good week
    See Yea George xxx

  7. My 1st impression...that my brain has turned to mush because I was looking at the top photo and all I could think of is "what IS that?"

  8. the potato reminded me of one of those old time metal spinning tops - the kind you had to pump the handle to get spinning. and the grasshopper definitely has a cat drawn on his torso!

  9. Love that potato. I think it looks a bit like a bottle myself.

  10. Well, the grasshopper sure is scary looking from that angle!!!


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