Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch

Hello, friends! Welcome to the porch. The air is fresh and clean after the storm. The day after the storm was amazing. There was such a peaceful feeling and the air was so pure. I just wanted to take it all in. The grass had been soaked to a vivid green, and trees stood quietly. They'd had quite a workout earlier.

I'd like to introduce you to a new friend. This is Isabel. She is the new baby (puppy) of our farm intern and his wife. She's a ten week old Bernese Mountain Dog, with huge puppy paws and cuteness that reaches out and grabs your heart. I covet their puppy. There is no way we could fit another pet into our lives, so I will have to be happy living vicariously through Isabel's puppyhood! What a sweet, adorable dog!


Isabel, after I met her.

Questions for our chat:
  1. What was your biggest fear as a child?
  2. How old were you when you learned to cook? Or how old will you be when you learn to cook?
  3. Did you have a favorite book as a child? What was it?
  4. What's the busiest time of year for you?
  5. Have you ever won a contest?
My answers-
  1. I was afraid of something under my bed, so I'd check each night before I got in, and jump a few feet away from the bed when I got out so "it" couldn't grab my ankles. <chuckle>
  2. I was nine when I learned to cook, but I wasn't good at a full meal until I was 12. My mom bailed out on cooking the minute she figured out that I could do it myself. I hung in the kitchen to avoid some adults. You can read about that here.
  3. Charlotte's Web and Secret Garden were favorites.
  4. Summer is really busy on a farm that does farmers' markets.
  5. In third grade I won a spelling contest and got a case of Reese Peanut Butter Cups. About ten years ago I won an art contest and got a prize bag with lots of gift certificates and small prizes. Sorry that I don't have pictures to share right now. I need a backhoe to go through my photos to find that one!
Have a great week and please come back for a visit next week!


  1. O.M.G! Isabel is precious!!! and Charlotte's Web was one of my favorites too - as well as the Trixie Beldon series...

  2. I WANT HER! Tucker is in love! Bring her and Wendell to me! Please?!

  3. Don't ever recall winning a contest. Started cooking when I was about ten and have loved it ever since. Just don't have enough time lately to do it!

  4. oooOOOoooo! A brief glimpse behind the curtain! I bet you had that reeses stored and shared them sparingly - i know I would lol!

    Totally understand about the backlog of photos - backhoe is an understatement, sister lol!

  5. That puppy is SOO cute!!!

  6. What a cutie!!! I bet he will bring a lot of fun times to your farm!

  7. Isabel is adorable! For now!

    1. The HAND roaming around my bedroom looking for me.

    2. About 8 years old, macaroni and cheese, fish sticks, grilled cheese sandwiches. My dad gladly ate everything I burned...he said he loved the "charred" flavor.

    3. Madeline and Miss Piggly Wiggly

    4. Holiday is busy --- our large families make it extremely hectic.

    5. As a young child...A photography contest in which my grandmother was head photographer. And "Rookie of the Year" for RE/MAX. Stefie said I won "Best Mother" contest (in her heart) which is the BEST winning I've EVER HAD!

  8. What a cute puppy, I am with you on wanting that puppy too.
    I really enjoyed your answers.I am glad those were your favorite books.
    I like the contest you won and I think you come up with such great questions.
    I will do mine after I cook dinner. :)

  9. Tucker's trainer raises Bernese Mountain dogs. She almost always brought a pup to class, sometimes mom or dad, or daughter. The dogs are immense... so laid back and so cute! I don't blame you for coveting!

  10. What a cute and adorable puppy. she just melts my heart looking at her.

    I love your question but it's been a long day and I must hit the bed as it's way pass my bedtime. JB

  11. Your answer to #1 could be mine word for word! LOL I think i saw too many scary movies when I was young.
    -I didn't learn to cook til after I was married ( my poor hubby) but I love to cook now!
    -My favorite books were the Velveteen Rabbit and Nancy Drew and I too loved the Secret Garden :)
    -My busiest time of the year is now when the homeschooling gets juggled with my job outside of the home
    -I won a photo contest as a teen :)
    This was fun thanks!

  12. Isabel is so precious!!! Thanks, sweet Lady, for hosting and letting me join in!!! HOPE the rest of your week is great and you have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!!!

  13. So SO SO SO SO cute! She looks very soft and fluffy!

  14. Oh, I wish I could just reach out and touch her. She's a gorgeous little girl. A real heart-stealer!

    Great chat-starters this week!

  15. What a cute puppy! I would love to have one, but living in the city I just don't feel right about having to keep an animal on a leash or pinned up.

    I'm a day late with my visit, but at least I'm here now. =D

  16. Awe, that puppy is too darn cute!

    1. What was your biggest fear as a child? I feared dying the most. Before I met Christ, I had no open of eternal life.

    2. How old were you when you learned to cook? Or how old will you be when you learn to cook? I didn't really cook until after I was married. I did not grow up to have my mom in the home.

    3. Did you have a favorite book as a child? What was it? I am sure I did, but really can't remember what it was called.

    4. What's the busiest time of year for you? Every day is busy for me, but I would definately say November/December are crazy!

    5. Have you ever won a contest? I took 1st place in a roller skating competition way back in the day!


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