Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch

Welcome to another time of visiting on the porch of my old farmhouse. Folks who sit there are often visited by farm cats. They might look like cute little visitors, but the truth be known, they're devoted beggars! Surely everyone who visits must have food scraps or a can of tuna in their pocket! It's been cooler after a few days of rain. The garden looks much happier. We even have a driveway puddle or two. Here are some things we can chat about.

  1. Have you ever colored your hair? If so, what colors have you tried?
  2. What's your favorite kind of music?
  3. What are the last three movies you watched?
  4. Do you remember your first pet?
  5. What was the best or most interesting "back to school" thing from your childhood?
My answers:
1. Yes. I was blonde- no, BLONDE for years. That included strawberry, golden and ash. I've been just about every shad of brown imaginable, including "mousy"brown. I accidentally came out with something that was a dark grey. It would have been a pretty sweater, but didn't cut it for a haircolor. I've also been auburn, which my family loved.

2. I like country, classical, classic rock, and some things from Broadway. A bit of jazz every now and then is okay too.

3. Nicholas Nickleby(with Anne Hathaway), Return to Cranford, and The Cater Street Hangman are the last three movies I saw. All three are period pieces. They were also all excellent!

4. I had a collie named Candy, but she was hit by a car. I was one very tearful child. Several months later my parents got me a Standard Poodle, named Sheba. That dog was my faithful companion until my teen years. What an even tempered dog! We'd occasionally have her groomed with those silly haircuts with all the "poofs" of hair on her and short hair on her lower half. They really are silly cuts!

5. I have a memory of going to 1st grade. My mom took me school shopping and insisted on buying me a raincoat. The one she chose was clear plastic. I remember standing in the store with the thing on and crying, "Mommy. I can't wear this. I feel like I'm in a Baggie! I don't think I ever wore the coat after that.

Have a great rest of the week. Stop by tomorrow for a Barn Chicks who Blog interview. I think you'll enjoy it.


  1. I think that is so funny, you thought you would look like a baggie. That is great. I hope you have a wonderful day today. I think I did something wrong in the linkie box so I will try it again.

  2. You're like me, I love all kinds of music- except country. Yuck.

    I had a poodle (miniature) when I was growing up and all through me teen years. We never had him cut like a poodle though because it really is a silly cut. LOL

    Have a great day!

  3. Thanks, sweet Lady, for letting me join again this week...glad I remembered!! ;-)

  4. 1.Have you ever colored your hair? NO, but in 9th grade I did wear a wig a few times. Red brown bob.
    2.What's your favorite kind of music? Anything except violent rap. Very eclectic tastes, all eras.
    3.What are the last three movies you watched? don't watch often so can not remember. Something chick flick on HULU.
    4.Do you remember your first pet?
    The first one I remember was a cat named Smokey. Lonmg grey hair. That was back when you put the cat out each night. Before kitty litter was invented.
    5.What was the best or most interesting "back to school" thing from your childhood?
    I think that was the time of year we got new shoes. I was always thrilled with new crayons but don't think we did that every year.

  5. 1. Yes. Every color imaginable.
    2. All kinds...broad music taste from classical to certain rap (augh). I never know what I'll be in the mood to play.
    3. Saving Chance; Harry Potter; It's Complicated
    4. Not really, but apparently I totured it with my 3-year old desire to make it my babydoll.
    5. A stop-watch that a fellow classmate broke on the day I brought it.

  6. 1. Never. Gray all the way. :)
    2. Country and Christian.
    3. Hmmm... let's see... Pure Country, The Pelican Brief, Bride Wars (oldies, I know).
    4. My first pet was a brown dachshund named Percy. And a cat named Tiger Sue.
    5. I remember a cool vinyl bag with a matching 3 ring binder, floral print. Flower power, you know.

    Fun to play along this week. I will be back to participate again!

  7. I associate those clear raincoats with being a tourist and needing emergency covering. They are like baggies! Too funny.

    I'm joining the front porch chat via Empty Nester. Good questions.

  8. 1. Have you ever colored your hair? If so, what colors have you tried? I have pretty much stuck to auburn and tinges of red. I color my hair all the time now that I am graying fast.

    2. What's your favorite kind of music? I mostly listen to worship and contemporary Christian.

    3. What are the last three movies you watched? The Help (by far one of the best movies ever). Lord of the Rings Return of the King and the last Narnia movie.

    4. Do you remember your first pet? We always had pets growing up. Cats, dogs, hamsters. I remember them all!

    5. What was the best or most interesting "back to school" thing from your childhood? I got to pick out Dittos in several different styles and colors!

  9. I currently color my hair and, at this point, always will! I grew up with a sweet Yorkie. The Trapper Keeper was the BEST school item ever!


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