Monday, July 25, 2011

What I served at the party.

Hello! Remember I got lost when I was moonlighting from my normal work? Well, I thought I'd show  you some of the things I made. I almost didn't have pictures because I forgot my camera. My  lovely daughter was working for me and she came with her camera in hand. Thanks for the picture Neigh Girl! This is an all time record- no horses in the photos.

Dinner was served:
(In the background you can see a basket of fresh baked rolls. There were whole grain rolls and rosemary/orange rolls. The grain for the rolls was ground into flour by my grain grinder.The bowl just to the left of the fruit was a marinated cucumber salad.)

Deviled Crab

Marinated Tomatoes
(Under the foil was good old fashioned Southern Corn Pudding. Somehow it never got photographed. BTW- The corn came straight out of the garden and I cut it off the cobs to make this dish!)

Lightly steamed Italian Green Beans in an Orange-Cranberry Vinaigrette 
(The beans were just picked from the garden.)

Fresh Fruit

There was a cake for the celebration, but I DO NOT do cakes. I know how, but I do not touch them. Like the maid that swears, "I don't do windows!" This chef swears, "I don't do cakes!" I do them for family, and even did my sister's wedding cake, but I loathe the process. I guess we all have our likes and dislikes. :)


  1. you just made me very, very hungry. crab cakes and fruit and thirds and forths please!

  2. Drat lost my comment. Stupid blogger. I will try and remember what I said. I am so glad your daughter was there to take pictures. I have always what kind of food you cook and what it looks like. It really impresses me that you served food you grew in your garden. You are my kind of chef. I have a Whisper Mill and I can hardly stand to use it because of the noise. I know that it is quite a feat to get the rolls out of fresh ground wheat. OR did you use Spelt?
    How are you feeling, better I hope.
    So glad I got to see your work.

  3. Yum everything looks delicious!

  4. I'd like some of everything please!

    How are you feeling?

  5. You did a beautiful job - wow!
    Everything looks delicious and is presented in such a lovely way.

  6. Awesome, awesome, awesome!!

    Looks so yummy, too!!

  7. Fantastic! With this heat, the fruit looks the best to me.

  8. So beautiful looking.... and sooo fresh. Yum :)

  9. I bet everyone loved the food, but sadly, I bet that most didn't truly appreciate how that food came to be. We just don't think about the process of getting the corn from the field to the table, or the beans, or the flour. You are amazing. You should put signs out describing each item AND putting in tidbits about acquiring the 'raw' materials!
    You did a fabulous job!

  10. All I can say is WOW! Everything looks and sounds delicious! Especially the crab cakes and rolls...and the orange beans...and the corn pudding...and the marinated tomatoes! lol!

  11. You've gotta quit posting food stuff....not good for WWoWL!!! ;-)


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