Thursday, July 14, 2011

Random feels comfortable!

I posted some random thoughts the other day and you responded favorably. Oh, no, Ethel! We'll never get an organized post from her again. Can we complain to Blogger?
You know the two old geezers on the old Muppet Show? They are one version of my "inner voices," but I perceive them as an old man and an old lady. Weird? Okay, but it's random.
It's been quite hot and we still have those nice kids from a church group working on our farm. Tomorrow is their last day. I will bake three cobblers and serve them with vanilla ice cream. I bought them Edy's fruit bars and Klondike bars the other day. And she didn't touch a single one herself. Quick! Call the newspaper! D2 gave them a harp concert and sang. It was fun watching her perform in our old barn!

I visited my precious friend Kim's blog (My field of Dreams) and saw a post and pictures of her eggs that she gathered. I'd like to show you what we gather. This is actually two gatherings, since all of the girls aren't currently laying. Some are going through that" bad hair day" stage. That should be familiar to you! Ha-ha.
500 hundred hens
Guess who washes and packs eggs for market?
I have been wondering what to do about a little issue today. I returned from errands this morning and found four huge boxes near my back door. I ordered a lovely white bench for my new little porch in front of my front door. I thought it was rather drastic that they would ship the parts like that, but as long as it arrived in good condition I was okay. C.S.Farmer tells me that the boxes are marked to say that each box is a bench. They were drop shipped from the factory. The store I bought them from says that they will have nothing to do with drop shipped things after they are sent. No returns, exchanges, or anything. They say to look on the computer to find info from the company that sends them. It's not there. Nada-zero-zilch! Is she bragging about her IQ again? To make matters worse, we had our first real rain since the dinosaurs roamed and the boxes look like they are melting off my bench(es). Maybe there is company information on an invoice or the box itself. Back to the zero again. I want to be honest, but I'm having trouble believing that a company would ever ship anything in this manner. I'm dying to have my one bench put together and put in place. I really want to see what it looks like and how it fits in the spot. I tried to bribe my oldest to put it together. If I did it, it would probably look like a piece of modern sculpture- not a bench! Are we surprised at this?

Our flower vendor friend sent an interesting bouquet home recently. She used the weed polk, some other mystery leaves, and basil as the greenery. The basil makes it smell really good, but the polk berries are poisonous and our cats aren't discriminating eaters. So, I'm off to prune my flower arrangement. The above photo was an earlier bouquet. 

 I love the way cats sunbathe! This is Patches, D3's kitty. She looks so peaceful. I only look like that in front of the air conditioning these days. Minus the whiskers! But every bit as round. Enough! This is my blog. Take Ethel and hit the road!

Have I told you lately that you rock and I'm so glad you stopped in today to read my blog!


  1. ha ha! you were going in all sorts of directions, dearie, but rather enjoyable. :) good luck with the stinkin' bench! jeepers!

  2. Wow, that is a bunch of eggs!!! I would be a bit overwhelmed with all of those to wash each day. They are really pretty though.
    Those flowers are really pretty. I like your random posts. I like hearing about what you have been doing.
    I hope you have a really, really good day today.
    We have weather today that will break longstanding records for the coldest day in July. Weird isn't it.

  3. Thats a ton of eggs!!

    Random is good, it keeps life exciting!! ;)

    Have a great day!

  4. Oh Patrice, you poor thing, to gather and wash that many eggs daily is quite a chore. I always wonder if the hens have sore bums from laying all those eggs. It must hurt a bit for sure because they usually cluck when they lay. Love your randomness. JB

  5. Julia,
    It's the roosters that have sore bums from the hens preening them. They actually have lost their tail feathers and have red bums. That's where they got the term "hen pecked".

  6. Good grief ~ that's a lot of eggs! How much do you sell them for? Just wondering.

  7. I certainly wouldn't want to wash and package all of those eggs!

    Hmmm... 4 benches. Oops! We had that happen with a knife sharpener - we ordered 1 and got a display pack of 4. Certainly not as big a deal as benches.
    It's a tough call about what to do. The store's attitude certainly doesn't lend itself to your taking the extras there... and since you couldn't find a supplier on the Internet....

  8. Love all the eggs in the baskets! Sometimes I like to set my eggs out in a wooden basket on the kitchen table and just look at them. . . ;}

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. So, what's the deal with the benches? They sent you FOUR?! Hey, if they didn't charge you, it's their mistake. LOL

    BTW, I really love cobbler...bring some to the cottage when you and Wendell and the girls visit!

  11. (well, i've considered doing a bluebird drawing, but not sure if i can do it justice with the brilliant colors and not make it look garish. :))

  12. Speaking of whiskers, I just had to get up and pull a piece of "fishing line" out from under my chin! I HATE those things! ;-) Sometimes a random post is the best way to clean out the cobwebs and air out our minds. I love reading them!


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