Saturday, July 23, 2011


A rainy sunset(late spring). Question: What's rain?

This photo was taken on a rainy day back when the grass was green. It's hot and dry here. Temperatures made it up to 104 yesterday. Keep in mind that anything over 80 is nasty in my book. I'm a fall and winter person. The grass was so green in this picture, but now it has many patches of brown. If we don't get rain soon I fully expect to see tumbleweeds. East Coast tumbleweeds?

I'm sad that we have lost chickens over the last two days. They are just collapsing. They take a step and keel over. The heat has claimed close to 30 so far. We have fans in the open houses, a shade cover and lots of water. Still, it's dreadful. It's supposed to get better in the next 24 hours.

I'm moonlighting by catering a wedding party. It's actually more of an anniversary celebration. It's OUTSIDE! I finished work late last night and was thrilled that my truck air conditioning would actually work better without the direct sun. I drove so far that I thought I was in another state. Country? It was far. I was vaguely familiar with some of the bigger road, but the backroads were severe with their darkness, deep turns, and they went on forever. I got lost on one and ended up in the place where they filmed Deliverance. Yes, I'm sure that must have been it! I could have sworn I heard banjos! Then I looked up to see a sign that said "No Outlet". I turned around in a driveway and high-tailed it out of there. After several miles (and then some), I ended up at a parking lot for a grocery store. I pulled in just to compose myself and call C.S.Farmer. He knows where everything is. He not only has driven most of this region, but he has this internal GPS that I wish I had. It dawned on me that I'd been to that store before. I was several miles from my husband's Amish friends. I was WAY off from where I was supposed to be, but at least I knew how to get home from there. I was happy to be able to avoid back roads, and banjos!


  1. LOL! i hate that lost and wandering feeling - especially at night! glad you are safe!

    i'm SO sorry to hear about your chickens! the heat is dreadful, but when you start to lose livestock, it is downright cruel...

  2. Oh no, lost is not any good, but at least you knew the way home... ;)

    Chickens dieing-no beuno!! Hope it rains where you are, we've been SO dry here, and hot, but these past few days it's been rainy, not much but every drop is wonderful!!! :)

  3. Oh bless your heart.....I hate being lost!

    Yes, the heat here is dreadful.....I haven't loss any chickens yet, but they are miserable as the goats and chickens are too.....I have fans going in all the barns! I tried putting a sprinkler out for the chickens, but they wanted no part of it......a little fyi, I hosed the chicken barn and coop down....BIG MISTAKE, it now stinks and feels worse with the humidity! I have cleaned it out best I can until the heat breaks and I can really clean it!

  4. Oh my gosh, lost at night and in the middle of a place like that. I am always scared of places like Deliverance and I never even saw the movie. :)
    It is still hot? 104? That is crazy, that is our kind of weather and I think we have yours, your normal kind anyway. I do hope it breaks soon.
    I prayed for you all day yesterday.
    I will keep on.
    I hope you get a break soon.

  5. I feel like those chickens. It's too hot to breathe! Deanie and Nick have gone to Miami where it's way cooler than it is in DC. LOL

    I LOVE driving the backroads. I will take them over the interstate any day. But it does get creepy sometimes!

    Funny thing---DoodleBug wanted to sleep at home a couple of days since Birdie left. She saw my necklace you sent and loved it. And here's the funny part---I can't find that thing anywhere. I think it may have walked out attached to DoodleBug! LOL

  6. That's so funny! I think my hubby has a similar internal GPS... when we lived in Glasgow, he would not only find his way to where we wanted to go - he'd also figure shortcuts to get there.... I'd have been happy just to have found my way following the main routes!

    So sorry about the chickens. That must be so awful. I feel quite ashamed that I'm complaining about our (lack of) heat.... trying to get into the 50s, but at least I can wear a sweater, and no animals are suffering. :(
    Love, Anne x

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  8. Patrice, I'm sorry to hear that you have lost so many chickens due to the heat. I'm wondering what this heat is doing to the poor little birds of the air too.

    I sure hope that you will get some cooler weather soon.

    I'm glad that you found your way home and made it back safely. JB

  9. Glad to hear you lived to tell the tale. Sorry to hear about the chickens. I also hear turkeys are being hit hard. They need 24 hour watching not to harm themselves in extreme heat.
    I am camped out in front of a fan myself.

  10. Scary trip! So sorry to hear about your birds, it's hard to see them suffer.

  11. As someone who once got lost within 3 blocks of where I lived, I can sympathize! (In my defense, I had only lived there 2 weeks, but still...)
    We have lost one chicken to the heat here (out of 10). I go out several times a day to spritz them down with the hose. They absolutely HATE it, but I think it is the only thng keeping them alive!

  12. Be glad that your cell phone worked! My carrier has lousy coverage and I probably would have had 'no bars'!
    Poor chickens.

  13. Banjos and back roads are not a good combo! Glad everything worked out okay! Sorry to hear about the chickens.

  14. I am so sorry you have lost chickens! That is very sad! Can you spray them lightly with the hose in the middle of the day? i have read that it helps keep them cool.

    Being lost at night is scary! You did well to keep it together.


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