Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Favorites

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Today I'm linking up with Rachel at Finding Joy. I like her blog name because I think we should all seek joy. It's there. We just need to look a little harder some days. I would love to have coffee with Rachel one day, but we're many states apart. She seems like such a lovely person who deeply loves the Lord and her precious family. Stop by and see her blog soon.

Lovely flowers from hubby.

I've always liked these straw flowers.

This lovely flower seems to be saying hello to a  pretty
antique plate that hangs in my new room.
The plate was picked up by my parents on their honeymoon!

There were so many flowers that I could split them into more than one arrangement.

This delicate little sweet pea was peeking out.

My peaceful place isn't as much fun to visit now that our pigs are residing there.
(Read- clothes pin for nose!)

Chip (our QH) grazes peacefully with the cattle. He used to 
try to round them up, but he must have decided that he was
so outnumbered that eating was a better activity.

I enjoy looking at vacation pictures on folks' blogs. Our down time is in the middle of winter and we usually have to spend time deicing water lines and keeping eggs from freezing. We don't have many vacations because a pet sitter wouldn't touch what we have and generally we could not leave the farm in just anyone's hands. When I was growing up, a good friend was a farm kid. Being the city kid, I suggested  that someone could have a great business just farm sitting while the families vacationed. My friend almost laughed herself to pieces. Her response was, "You'd never have much of a business because farmers just don't go on vacations." I didn't understand at all. Now I do. I'm thankful that my mom had a traveling spirit and I visited many places before becoming a farmer's wife. I'm thankful that we have our farm.
Have a super weekend!
Tell me what you are planning for this weekend.


  1. Good for you for seeing the good in what others would find as real negatives.
    It is a blessing to have the land and the animals you have, but it is *really* hard work too. Us folks, who have lighter workloads, appreciate the works folks like you have :)

  2. with our dogs and horses, i don't really travel anymore either...

    loved the flower pix. really beautiful.

  3. Great post, beautiful pictures, peaceful place you have...and a peaceful heart! :) I TOTALLY relate to the no-vacation thing. We take little day trips sometimes, but that's all our animals can stand to be parted from us. :) A lady at church asked my daughter, "What are you doing this summer?" My daughter's answer had me laughing. She said, "Sweating." :)

  4. I hadn't thought of that, we don't go on vacation either, maybe a day trip but that is it. We used to do all of our vacations in October.
    Oh well, that is life we have chose and in the long run, it all evens out I suppose.
    Have a lovely weekend. I wish you were coming over for a sewing day too.

  5. We don't go on vacations either. But not because we live on a farm...Hubs is no fun to vacation with. Oh well...

    The flowers are simply gorgeous!

    We are getting RAIN today! Yes! Mother Nature decided to smile upon us and give us RAIN! I'm doing the happy rain dance of joy! And so is my garden!

  6. your farm land is gorgeous!!! at least you have pretty scenes to look outside at since you have to go vacation-less. maybe one day, again you can go! don't lose heart, we don't do much vacationing anymore either. budget doesn't allow!!!

  7. Your land is so beautiful! The only vacation we get to go on is one that we've done every year I've been alive! We spend a few weeks at the beach.

  8. Not going on vacations is no joke! My husband has done some traveling to Europe a couple of times...I held down the fort. That's showbiz if I want to have animals.

  9. Beautiful flowers! Love your land and our traditional summer break is to visit my parents...who live at the beach. PTL

  10. LOVE your flower pictures! We spent the morning at the fair grounds getting everything spiffed up for the county fair coming on July 21. It's a very small fair, but we love it!

    Not sure what tomorrow will bring, but I hope it involves some family time and fun.

  11. Well, we try to get out ever so often. Sometimes we plan, and never get very far, but hey, we wouldn't want life any other way! God blesses us so!

    We got to go to NM for the 4th, it seemed fast and furious, but it was different scenery.


    Love the pics!

  12. Well, you have made me tear up. And, totally yes, I would love to have coffee some day. Although I'd love to have it on your deck because your view is unbelievably lovely. :)

    Love, love, love all of your flowers. I've got perennials growing right now and I love going outside and gathering them for the inside.

    You are a blessing.

    Thank you for linking up. And please accept my apologies for such a late comment back -- vacation unpacking is still going on. :)

    Blessings to you!



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