Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch

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You won't find Wednesday Words of Weight Loss here anymore. I asked many of you last week and you said that you'd be happy with a weekly meme that just allowed us to get to know each other. If we happen to lose a couple pounds or discover a great healthy product or food, then by all means share it. I love just sitting on a porch visiting. The sounds of birds, escapee chickens, and a tractor in the background make it rather relaxing. Please join me. Grab a cuppa (tea, coffee, or whatever) and join in.

  1. What's your favorite potato dish?
  2. When was the last time you were at a playground?
  3. Do you do any needle crafts or sew?
  4. Who was your favorite adult, outside of you family, when you were a child?
  5. What topping do you like on your pizza?
My Answers:
1. I love a good baked potato, but I don't think there's any way that I don't enjoy potatoes.
2. It's been a couple years, but I found one of those big swings with sturdy chains and I swung right alongside the kids.
3. I have done embroidery, crewel, needlepoint, knitted and crocheted (I'm not very good at crocheting and I only know a bit about knitting. I love to sew, but seldom allow myself the time. I've always wanted to learn to quilt.
4. There was an elderly woman who lived next door to my grandmother who would have been my dream grandma. She was SO sweet and kind and treated me like a friend.
5. Veggies and extra cheese. I also like Italian turkey sausage, because I don't eat pork.

It's cooler today, but still July. D2 and I canned green beans last night and I exhausted myself. Duh! The green beans are prolific this year. We made a loaf of pumpkin bread because I'm trying to use up things in freezer #2 so I can thaw it out. It's on my porch mudroom and I have a hunch it will thaw quickly this summer.

D1 designed my new button. Isn't it spiffy? Thanks, farmgirl!

Two of the (halterless) horses got out this morning, but D3 got them back in. Yay! Good job, cowgirl!

I went to the memorial service of an elderly man at church yesterday. He seemed like a crabby old guy to most people and they didn't bother to know him. Somehow, C.S.Farmer ended up mentoring him. A mentor to someone twice his age. C.S. could teach him about the Bible and the faith, but the man taught him so much more. This man had a hard life and perhaps his gruff exterior was a protective mechanism, but he longed for a Lord he hadn't met before in his many years. The memorial was more for his little lady friend. She was precious and so appreciative that friends showed up for the service. D2 played the harp and sang 'Be Thou My Vision". It was lovely. The man had a long life and he now has peace. My hubby has lessons that he learned and memories that were made. Sometimes it's worth stopping to see what someone is really like. If they aren't the cheeriest person in the world, I bet there's a reason. You never know what someone else has been through. Perhaps if we give people that benefit, they will return it when we aren't at our best.

Have a good rest of the week. I hope you will join me each week. Don't hesitate to link up interesting pictures or posts, but this is not for businesses or giveaways.


  1. oh, the memorial service part made me tear up... so sweet.

  2. So sweet!
    And...I have always wanted to learn to quilt too.
    One day...I always say.
    Maybe I should do it now!

  3. Oh I LOVE what you've done with the meme! I already had my post up for today when you posted this so I'll join in next week but answer here in the comments:

    1. I love potatoes any way they're made! My favorites are my mom's twice baked! Yummy!
    2. Last year when I subbed for a teacher friend of mine- for recess!
    3. I can knit (not well) and cross stitch (but I always miscount) and I can sew but you wouldn't want to see it if I did.
    4. My grandmother's friend Mrs. Privette...she was a HOOT! I loved her so much!
    5. This is easier if I say what I don't like on pizza- anchovies. Other than those, bring it on! Well, don't bring it on because I'm trying to lose weight. LOL

    So glad you made it to the service!

  4. Good advice.... to look beyond the exterior.

    Good for dd.... I love the look of the porch chats :) I've blogged my answers on my blog.

    Like Dawn, I always promise myself that one day I'll learn to quilt. One day!

  5. Oh, what a sweet story about the fellow who is now in heaven from your glad you all took the time to get to know him!! Thanks for letting me join...I actually had a bit of extra time this week!!! HOPE the rest of your week is happy!!!

  6. 1. Hmmm.....curly fries sounds terribly good right now.
    2. a few weeks ago. Remember I have little girls.
    3. I used to cross stitch BC (before children) and crochet and sew.
    4. OOOH... This one is hard, but i would have to say my first grade teacher.
    5. EVERYTHING but fish and pineapples.

  7. How sweet. I`m partial to a good baked potato myself!

  8. I've enjoyed catching up on your blog. These Porch chats are fun. Your questions are great! :) So true about getting to know people on the inside. We all carry stories...and that can really affect the way we come across. Thanks for the reminder. Oh, and my daughter didn't get an e-card. I'm not sure which email you have? She so enjoys getting mail from your daughter though. I finally showed her how to address an envelope and where the stamps were b/c I forgot to mail a letter or two of hers. :S Anyhow, have a great week!!

  9. Rats. This is me, the Farmer's Wyfe. I didn't realize my husband's account was up. :S Sorry.


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