Friday, June 3, 2011

Ugly Teens

 Remember how I told you about the vultures who made a home in our barn. They decided it was a good place to nest and we found these:
Sorry the photo's fuzzy. Momma was mad!
Before we knew it there were these:
Baby vulture chicks at two or three days old. (5-11-11)
I named them Carnie and Roadie (Carnivore and Road Kill). I thought it might be time to show you what they look like now.
Carnie and Roadie on 6-2-11
I think C.S.Farmer was right when he said that they were at their cutest stage when I got the first picture of them. They have been studying under Mr. and Mrs. Vulture. As top notch students, they have mastered the art of hissing. It's not a high pitched hiss like a cat. It actually sounds a bit more like a growl. I read that it takes them fourteen weeks to be ready to leave the "nest". There really isn't a nest at all. The parents found a pile of wood in our barn, with some leaves, and hung up their "Home Sweet Home" sign. You can see the dark color in their light brown fuzz. I'll be curious to see how long it takes them to get their black feathers. If only they could have stayed babies longer. Those early stages pass so fast!

I started to speculate on the things in front of them in the last photo. I  thought it might have something to do with their diet, but my camera is not that good and they never had the busboy clean off their table!

Here is the previous post on the vulture babies.
You're welcome!


  1. Fuzzy faces only their mother could love. ;o) Thanks for sharing. Happy Friday! :o)

  2. Eww - lol! They kinda freak me out ;)

  3. I love vultures..of all ages!
    Glad they clean up all the roadkill WE cause!

  4. oh they are great!!! i think they're so neat looking! :)

  5. Will they return to the same place next time?

    I made your Stromboli last night! And, while I can guarantee you it was NOT as good as yours, it was good! I'll keep practicing!

  6. Thanks for the update on the vulture babies. They sure have grown fast. JB

  7. They are cute, in a vulturish kind of way. Thanks for sharing!

  8. You are so good to use, to not only risk the parents wrath, but now that the tweens are getting old enough to defend their privacy, you go out on a limb (or stand on a box) to share this once in a lifetime experience with us.

    Thank you, thank you.

  9. They are definitely going through their awkward stage right now, of course with vultures they will always be going through an awkward stage.

  10. These photos are great. I wasn't expecting to see vulture babies. They look just like baby vultures. Imagine that!


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