Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Giveaway Winner for Cookbook chose number 4 as the winner of my giveaway. It was Empty Nester who said "I'm in on the giveaway" and then proceeded to ask about Wendell. Empty Nester and Wendell are buddies. He told me that he'd like it if she could get her stables ready for him to visit for a few weeks. He wanted me to remind her that he loves carrots, apples, and oats. He said she'd need a good curry comb because he liked the way it made his coat feel. He asked if her lovely daughters would drop in and oooh and ahhh about him. He reminded me that he likes the organic fly spray that smells so good. He had a million questions and requests. I hate house guests like that!!

This will be in the mail to Empty Nester as soon as I get an address.

The guy at the post office said this could not be mailed.

He stated that it couldn't be mailed because "this" was SO big.
Note: This is an older photo from the time he lost his tail due to extensive hiney scratching.

Offended by the post office worker, Wendell went back to the 
bank barn to swish flies and ponder all the things he's ever heard 
about postal employees. (???)

Congratulations Empty Nester!
Please send me your information so I can send your
cookbook and measuring spoons.


  1. Hmmm, would it help Wendell to know that I've seen postal workers with bigger hineys than his? (What is the plural of hiney any way and is it proper to speak of a hiney in plural?!)It was not a pretty sight!

  2. Dreaming- I'm not even sure of the correct spelling of the singular! I searched it and found a few variations, so I decided to use the word tush and couldn't find the correct spelling for that either. How did I ever survive college English? ;)

  3. The trouble is that the postal worker didn't want to mail Wendall -he wanted to ride on him!
    Congratulations to the Empty Nester - I so love (read envy) those measuring spoons.

    Glad you liked the ginger jars Patrice :o)
    Best wishes
    Rose H

  4. Well, I happen to always like big hineys on horses. I love his sweet little short tail.
    Good job Empty Nester. It looks like a nice book.

  5. it's so nice to see wendell feeling spunky again!!! congrats to Empty Nester on her win!

  6. HEY! Wait a minute! Hold the phone! STOP the presses! That's ME!!!!!! Me! Me! Me! I won! Yay! LOL

    That picture of Wendell looking at the camera is GORGEOUS! Look at that sweet face! I just want to lavish him with sweet treats and hugs! Love you Wendell!

    Oh, and if Wendell ever gets here to visit, he gets to stay in the house. I have a room for him! No flies and all the treats he wants!

    I'll email you in a few! THANKS!!!

    I'm a bit excited. I really do like to win. LOL

  7. Congrats to Empty Nester!!! That's what I get for slacking on my blog visiting and joining WWOWL...I didn't know about the give-a-way! I'm envying those spoons, too!!! Where did you get them so the rest of us can rush out and purchase up as set?!?!?


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